Q & A w Z: Break a Plateau

Q: How do you break a plateau and reach your peak?

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A: When you’re incorporating strength training into your workout appropriately, plateaus occur less often than we think. If we’re doing the same thing over and over, yes, our body will get used to it, so it is then time to increase the challenge. Aiming for new goals is always a great way to continue to push yourself.

My goals involve strength and weights. It takes months to adapt to weight training. Sure, you can switch it up, try a new class, new workouts, or play with your diet, but I’d suggest coming back to the foundation of strength training if you feel stuck. Your body will always benefit from squats, dead lifts, overhead press, chin-ups, and bench press. These staple compound-movements will never get old and if you do them right, are incredibly effective. If you’re bored, maybe you need to increase the volume, change the order around, or change your goals. It takes about four to six weeks for your body to adjust to a routine and perfect it and it takes about three months to create real results. Stick with your routine during this time. If you can do more than 12 reps, it’s time to increase the weight.

If you’re not sure what program is right for you, consult a trainer or nutritionist depending on your objectives.

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