Are You a Healthy Guru? Join Us July 9th!

Calling all healthy gurus! Healthy Guru is the Hamptons’ hot new fitness and wellness event, bringing together fitness, wellness, yoga, fashion, beauty, nutrition, and more! Join One Healthy Hamptons at the Southampton Arts Center in Southampton Village 9am – 8pm on July 9th to experience the greatest healthy brands in one location, on one day! From all-day workout classes to panel discussions, fun giveaways, and an evening cocktail party, you will not want to miss this! Click here to purchase your Healthy Guru tickets and use code “GURU10” for $10 off!

healthyguruTickets include an amazing day full of fitness, superfood snacks, giveaways, beauty bar, fashion, cocktails, and more! Take advantage of healthy venders, experts, and top trainers from Flywheel Sports, Pure Barre, Exhale Spa, Barry’s Bootcamp, Dancebody. Tune in to guest speakers such as Keri Glassman, Glen Tobias, and Anna Kaiser. Check out the full schedule at, click here to purchase tickets and use code “GURU10” for $10 off all-access or each class.


Between sweat-sessions, meet Kiley and Erica of One Healthy Hamptons. Learn more about The Wellness Menu, delivering wellness to your Hamptons house so that you have everything you need to succeed this summer. All Healthy Guru guests will receive a complimentary mini wellness consultation and discount on any wellness package! So, come try a new class, meet wellness experts, get beautified, and have some fun in the sun at Healthy Guru on July 9th!

One Healthy Breakdown: healthy gurus unite in the Hamptons!


Turkey Burn Baby Burn

The holidays are a time to indulge, absolutely! A little of this and a little of that, sure, but did you know that the average Thanksgiving meal totals about 4,500 calories and over two hundred grams of fat?! Shockingly, it’s true! Don’t you dare skip out on the fun – you can still enjoy your tasty turkey, beloved potatoes, and precious pie, in fact you should! In true Thanksgiving fashion, I give you these tips to burn it off, move it out, bounce back to balance, and regain your sanity!

Turkey-Trot-Logo-071. Sign up for a local Turkey Trot, a popular pre-feast 5k in various towns across the country. If you’re in the Hamptons, Montauk it is! If you don’t have a local trot, pick a playlist that fills you with energy and gratitude and head out for a run around your neighborhood. Even a couple of miles will rev your metabolism, get your endorphins going, and burn off a piece of pie. That “runner’s high” just may empower you to make better food choices all day long!

2. If you’re not going to trot, find a class. Luckily, you’re not the only one seeking a turkey day workout, so dedicate an hour to sweating before the cooking. Here are some of the many options:

  • Join Rachel at Exhale Bridgehampton at 8:10, 9:25, or 10:35am
  • Take 90 Minute Spin at Sag Harbor Gym 8am with Kerrie, John, and Cindy
  • Jim’s at Truth Training in East Hampton at 9:30am
  • LTB with Patti at Pure Barre Southampton at 9:30am
  • Jessy’s teaching open yoga 8:15 Friday at KamaDeva
  • Surf it off with Emma Friday 8am at Well Within
  • You can find Rachelle teaching at Flywheel at 8:30am
  • Turkey TRX with Linda at 8:45 Thurs and Fri. Gain some peace of mind at Silich Core + Strength in EH for Indo Board Yoga with Evelyn at 9:45 Fri.) ‘Tis the season for giving and Silich is offering unlimited classes for $200 thru Dec. 31, free yoga when you purchase 1 TRX class, and sales on personal training, gift bundles, gift cards, & youth packages!

Image-1(7)3. Walk it off. Instead of settling on the couch after your big meal, why not take a family walk? Leash the dog, rally the crew, bundle up, and take a spin around the neighborhood. Walking is the best non-workout workout because you can literally do it wherever you are (no excuses!) Your stroll will aid digestion, produce endorphins, and give you an opportunity to enjoy nature with loved ones.

4. Hit the yoga mat for a morning flow. As much fun as family holidays can be, sometimes they can get a little chaotic and stressful too. Anyone have that kinda family? Thought so. Yoga practice will get your body moving and your mind centered for the days events.

sunsalsOne Healthy Breakdown: wherever, whenever, however, just MOVE and give thanks for what our bodies can do for us!

Run 10 FEED 10 Recap

The FEED Foundation, started by Lauren Bush Lauren, aids world hunger and malnutrition in a creative, powerful, and trend-setting way. Over seventy five million meals have been provided through sales of FEED’s signature artisan products (bags, t-shirts, jewelery, etc.) Buyers can feel good about purchasing great products that support an even better cause, providing adequate nutrition for those in need. Good products that FEED the world, check them out here!

photo 3I learned about FEED Projects through Women’sHealth Magazine’s Run 10 Feed 10 Campaign, a series of 10k races to fund domestic hunger. Each registration fee FEEDS 10 meals to those in need right in your own ‘backyard.’ Food is available; however, it is unfortunately not accessible to everyone. FEED Projects, in collaboration with Women’sHealth Magazine, is out to make change, one meal at a time, one bag at a time, one runner at a time.

I’m eager to spread the word about Run 10 Feed 10 because this fabulous campaign combines all good things One Healthy Hamptons loves to support: women’s health, fitness, aiding hunger, running, celebrating, and more! Every summer, Women’sHealth Magazine heads out east for a weekend celebration packed with fitness and fun in preparation for NYC’s Run 10 Feed 10 race on Sunday, September 21st. Register today!

picstitch(21)*Pictured above with Lindsey & Casey from Women’sHealth and friend Alicia

We kicked off “Women’sHealth covers the Hamptons” weekend with a great Flywheel class on Saturday morning before the celebrations commenced. And celebrate we did, at the Run 10 Feed 10 “Party Under the Stars.” There’s nothing better than celebrating a great cause with like-minded, inspirational people…Hamptons style of course!

picstitch(22)*Pictured above with friends Kristy & Marisa, B-School founder/entrepreneur Marie Forleo, and The FEED Foundation’s Lauren Bush Lauren

One Healthy Breakdown: run for a cause, shop for a cause, celebrate for a cause.

Fly Baby, FLY!


It’s no coincidence that Flywheel’s mantra is “never coast;” there’s no time for that.  The word “rest” goes right out the window, it’s just not in the Flywheel vocabulary.  With 45 minutes to fly, not a second is wasted.  When I enter the Flywheel studio, I know that I will always be pushed to the max (and then some.)  You know that uncomfortable zone where change occurs and you just want it to end?  Settle in, get used to it – you’re here a while.

Flywheel’s standards are higher than high; the goal is not just to work out, it’s to work out hard.  Each and every pedal stroke leads with the intention of doing better.  You’re up, you’re down, you’re racing, climbing, pushing, sweating…you’re making the impossible happen.  Get ready to FLY.

Each and every Flywheel instructor brings nothing less than their A-game; they all exhibit the perfect combination of inspiration and insanity, but for me, Abigail Koplik Vogel takes it to a whole new level.  Abigail’s been here in the Hamptons flying with me all winter long.  Nothing holds her back (not hurricanes, blizzards, sickness) and nothing holds her down, whether there’s five people in the class or 55.


Just call her “DJ Ab,” her unexpectedly kick-ass taste in rap music constantly makes me smile, she can bring out the ‘gangsta’ in anyone.  I don’t know where she gets it, (she looks so innocent, doesn’t she?!) but as soon as Abigail gets on that bike, this mind-blowing passion, power, and motivation bursts out of her and fills the studio.  I know I can depend on Abigail to bring it no matter what, making me want to work my absolute hardest just to keep up with her.  And she doesn’t make it look easy either, Abigail acknowledges the challenge, accepts the pain, and allows herself to be vulnerable to the exhaustion.  She admits when it’s too much, but that doesn’t mean she backs off…ever.

Between Abigail’s coaching and the friendly competition of the torqboard, I can’t help but strive for better, every single class.  Flywheel’s unique proprietary technology enables each rider to accurately control and track their performance and progress by setting the torque to a specific objective and tracking energy spent.  There’s also the option of displaying a personal ID on the big-screen, displayed during races at the front of the room for some added competition.  With the ability to see your place in the class, if there’s 15 seconds left in a race, trust me, you speed the hell up.  At the end of the workout, you can see your stats and then a detailed summary of your speed, resistance, mileage, and calories burned on the Flywheel website.

Of course, the intensity is always within your control, yes you have the option to slow down or back off the resistance, but you won’t regret it if you don’t.  It’s not just intense cardio; Flywheel classes activate the core and dedicate one song to working the arms for a full body workout.  Light weights and tons of reps gets those muscles working immediately, you’ll forget about your legs for a few as the class curls, lifts, and tones those arms in unison.

Flywheel has a studio in Easthampton and Sag Harbor (seasonal.)  After just one class, the vigor will transform anyone into to a superhero discovering their superpower…the ability to fly.  If cycling is not for you, check out Flybarre, Flywheel’s challenging barre class that pulses, tones, shapes, and stretches the body.  It’s no joke either; just because there is a ballet barre involved does not mean you muscles won’t scream.

If you’re looking for an easy workout, Flywheel is just not for you.  I repeat, if you don’t want challenge or change, stay far away from the Flywheel studio.

One Healthy Breakdown: Don’t let the sweet, innocent-looking instructors fool you, they’re hardcore.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.