Love Me Some Lulu!

I spent my weekend with my new best friend, Lulu (Lululemon Easthampton that is.)  From spin with Lulu’s Jess on Friday, abs with Z in the Lulu studio Saturday morning, and wrapping up the weekend with a Lululemon “Half-Mala” (54 Sun Salutations) at Groundworks at Hren’s, lead by four of the top local yogis.  What a Lulutastic weekend and the Lulugoodness doesn’t stop here.


What am I talking about?  Lululemon’s store in Easthampton has a fab team of employees who plan weekly community events revolving around fitness and fun, check ’em out!  Lulu EH is not just a store with premium fitness clothing, it really is a community, a team, and a way of life.

Those manifestos we all know and love printed all over Lululemon’s bags are truly embraced by the amazing EH team (ie: sweat once a day!).  With such an amazing health & fitness community here in the Hamptons – ever growing, learning, and expanding – I’m learning something new every single day!  Lulu EH is central to this network, sharing a deep and personal connection with local yogis, trainers, runners, paddle boarders, boot campers, surfers, riders, cyclists, tennis champs, and more.  Heck, you can spend days lingering around here…and that I did.

I kicked off my Lulu weekend with Z’s ab class, a 30-minute ab blast that Z herself described as bad ass…I concur.  We didn’t mess around, completing three circuits of ab exercises, using nothing but the body’s resistance, and feelin’ that burn baby burn.

Sunday morning was super special, I participated in Lululemon’s Earth Day Half-Mala event at Groundoworks garden in Easthampton.  Upon arriving to the grassy lawn surrounded by beauty, yoga mats, and Scuba hoodies, I knew it was going to be a great morning.  Four awesome local yogis lead us in 54 (yes, f i f t y f o u r) Sun Salutations.  The warm sun and casual breeze couldn’t have been more perfect, each salutation gave reason to worship the day, the sun, the spring, the heavenly setting, each others positive energy, and of course, those Lulus who put the whole thing together.



You’re missing out if you don’t check out Lulu’s next free community event.  I’ll be there for sure. Just gotta warn ya: although the classes are free, it’s harder to walk out of that store without shopping than it is to hold a plank!  When in Rome…

One Healthy Breakdown: From abs to sun salutations and everything in between, Lulu is down for anything and everything fitspirational, which is why I loooove me some Lulu.