Montauk Bliss: Mindful Turtle & BuddhaBerry

MontaukSometimes you just need to spend a day in Montauk. Trust me, Montauk does wonders for the soul. I headed out to “the end” this morning for a yoga class at Mindful Turtle. Yoga with Diane is uber refreshing and I was lucky enough to have a one on one session this morning. I explained that I was a little tight from the week of fitness classes, running, and working and that I was due for some good yoga. What I got at Mindful Turtle was GREAT yoga, Diane seemed to understand just what I needed. It was the perfect combination of stretching, challenging, opening, and centering. The exact push and pull my muscles needed, the perfect start to a blissful summer weekend.

photo 1

And then, once in a state of utter relaxation, Diane and I decided to treat ourselves to another gift, a berry good one. We headed out the door of Mindful Turtle studio and found ourselves at Berry Buddha. Since I moved to the Hamptons, my heart has been longing for Berry Buddha. It’s frozen yogurt done right with a healthy flair and tons of fun.

They just get it. If you’re a froyo fan like me, you know what I’m talking about. There’s ice cream people and then there’s frozen yogurt people, I mean the true fans, the followers, the groupies. I’m a frozen yogurt lover to the core and Buddha Berry just gets it. Every inch of the shop is perfection; from the colorful walls and playful décor to the options, options, options. There’s something for everyone, candy for the sweet lovers, Greek yogurt for the protein-seekers, an abundance of healthy toppings like chia seeds, hemp hearts, nuts galore, even quinoa and soy beans, what!! Don’t think this is just a granola factory, they’ve got chocolate in every form, fresh fruit, gummies, yummies, and any other topping you can imagine and could ever crave. It’s self-serve and the flavors are creative, from fruity to indulgent. I went with a combo of the plain tart Greek and the berry Greek…YUM. And for toppings, I tried so many on there, all I can say is CRUNCHY GOODNESS. If you’re ever in the Montauk area, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll stop at Buddha Berry. You’ll see we’re two berry happy yogis…


One Healthy Breakdown: As a serious frozen yogurt enthusiast, I have to admit I may drive out to Montauk just for yoga + BuddhaBerry on the regular.


*if you’re seeing these pictures sideways or upside down, there’s something wacky going on with the ipad capability – we’re on it!