We’re constantly bombarded with the next wellness craze, superfood, quick-fix, detox, and diet…it’s exhausting! Yet, the Hamptons is the ultimate ‘playground’ for indulgence. How are we supposed to stay healthy and feel balanced while taking advantage of all that life has to offer? Not only is it possible to reach this balance, it’s actually incredibly enjoyable too.

I’m Kiley, founder of One Healthy Hamptons. After attaining a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from Boston College and moving to the Hamptons over 10 years ago, I discovered that my passion lies in working closely with people to discover and maintain health and happiness, hand in hand. I received my certification in Nutrition through The Nutritious Life Studio in 2014. After years of education, experimentation, and self-discovery, I’ve uncovered how health and happiness can coincide, in balance, without deprivation, rules, labels, or negativity. I’m here to empower you to do the same, because you deserve to thrive.


I believe that nutrition is as much about self-awareness as it is about science. My hands-on approach integrates all facets of wellness, starting fresh with each client. There’s no one size fits all plan, no black-and-white/good-or-bad, and most importantly, no counting calories. It’s about eating abundantly, feeling in control, practicing mindfulness, and happily indulging in the deliciousness of life.

Together, we’ll set goals to fit your lifestyle, make manageable changes, taste the healthy goodness, and find your healthiest, happiest life. Email to set up your consultation today. The best is yet to come, let’s get there together.


Kiley DeMarco is Certified in Nutrition by The Nutrition School and holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from Boston College School of Social Work.

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