About Kiley DeMarco

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I’m Kiley, founder of One Healthy Hamptons and I started One Healthy Hamptons to provide a platform for all of the amazing health and wellness opportunities on the East End. Lucky for us, there’s lots!

I’m living and loving life in the heart of Sag Harbor with my husband, our gigantic dog, Sammy, and our two toddler girls, Rowan and Dakota. As an entrepreneur, nutritionist, short order cook, writer, social worker, and, most important, mom, I’m all about health, wellness, fitness, and fun in this amazing place that I call home.

I love to feel healthy and help others do the same. I crave fresh food that tastes good, but I’m all about balance and indulging in life. If it were up to me, peanut butter would be its own food group and workout clothes would be acceptable anytime, anywhere. I like breakfast for dinner, love calling the Hamptons “home”, and could definitely use more yoga and meditation in my life…but, who doesn’t?!


I absolutely love being a part of this community and bringing you healthy goodness all year round. Please click here to get One Healthy Hamptons free e-magazine to your inbox, but be sure to stop by regularly to see what’s new and follow along on Facebook and Instagram. I also co-founded the fabulous wellness event Hamptons Wellness Week – check it out!

If you’re living healthy in the Hamptons, doing something great that others should know about, or have a tip or story to share, please share! We’re in this journey together. Email me anytime at kiley@onehealthyhamptons.com. Until next time, be well!

 *Disclaimer: My expertise is based on personal experience, learning, and doing. I am certified in nutrition through The Nutrition School, have a Masters degree in Social Work, like to write, love to work out, (and eat) love my babies immensely, and I’m sharing my piece. Do what’s right for you. That’s all!

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