Celebrate Earth Day Every Day!

Hands touching a globeHappy Earth Day! Here’s how we can celebrate Earth Day today and every day by getting a little greener:

  • Carry a BPA-free water bottle everywhere you go. This is my top tip, I always have my water bottle with me. Helps the earth and helps yourself by staying hydrated!
  • Bring reusable bags to the grocery store, keep a few in your car.
  • Buy non-GMO produce and look local. Supporting local farmers, growers, and businesses as opposed to national conglomerates, not only assures freshness, but also makes the world, and the Hamptons, go round.
  • Give old ‘stuff’ to others. Instead of trashing old clothes or belongings, donate them if they’re usable. Donating supplies others with things they may not have and prevents waste.
  • Don’t litter…it’s that simple.
  • Use the most natural products around the house that you can, like cleaning products, paper products, food, etc.
  • Walk or bike more places – the weather is finally pleasant, enjoy it and save gas!
  • Borrow/rent items (like books, movies, etc.) instead of buying to save waste and money.

One Healthy Breakdown: Reduce, reuse, recycle (of course!)

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