Take Care of Your Chompers

True story: I became a serial flosser this week. That’s someone who flosses…every day. Yes, this is big…really big. Who else goes to the dentist and promises him/her that you’ll start flossing more? Then maybe you floss that night, maybe the next night, maybe for a week…but if you’re like me, life gets in the way and the flossing stops. Oops. That’s no excuse, I know. One Healthy Hamptons is all about health from head to toe. Plus, who doesn’t love a pretty smile?! So, lets talk chompers.

Smiling LipsOf course, brushing is always expected, but did anyone ever explain why flossing is actually important? Personally, I’ve gone years and years at various dentists and years at the orthodontist, all preaching about  floss, but not one of them explaining WHY until I met Linda at Hampton Dental Group last week. Linda took the time to explain why flossing is so crucial and her spiel turned me into a flosser for life. Allow me to share…

Flossing is not just to get food out of our teeth. When we floss, it’s important to get the floss all the way down to the gums and then to pull left and right to get everything out of the spaces between our teeth and gums, where the toothbrush can’t reach. Not only does this remove food that begins to attract bacteria, but it also removes and prevents tarter, which causes gingivitis. We’ve all heard this big, scary, nasty word, but what does it really mean? Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums, which eventually causes destruction of the bond between the jaw bone underneath the gums and the teeth. As a result of a destroyed connection of the bone, teeth rot and eventually, die or fall out. Let me break it down so you too become a regular flosser: Flossing cleans, prevents tarter, keeps gums healthy, and keeps teeth alive and well. AKA = flossing = teeth. Not flossing = dentures. If you’d like your teeth in tact for many, many years to come, join me and FLOSS on the reg! It’s not too late to save those chompers

One Healthy Breakdown: the power of floss!

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