Hi, From Sammy!

Hi! My name is Sammy and I’m One Healthy Hamptons’ new mascot. It’s nice to meet you!

This is my first blog post, so I’m pretty excited (my tail is wagging like crazy.) Kiley has told me a whole lot about you and One Healthy Hamptons. I’m on board with all this healthy stuff too, ya know. I love to exercise, (like chasing my tail…and dancing my tail off…) eat raw food, nibble on Granny Smith apples (organic, of course!) and sleep, sleep, sleep. The more food and sleep, sleep and food, the better. I may be a little guy now, but I’m growing up super fast!

I’m sure Kiley and I will keep you posted on our whereabouts. If you see us around town, say hi! I’ll be the one in black, brown, and white. I’ll be learning lots of tricks soon, so I will give you a paw if you ask. Kiley likes when I stay close, so she’s been attaching us together with this piece of string that goes around my neck. It’s weird. And itchy.

Oh, well. Could be worse. Gotta run, see you soon! Best wishes for a day full of treats!               Lots of licks ~ Sammy

One Healthy Breakdown: did somebody say treats????

P.S. Quick shout-out to my brother and three sisters! Wherever you are, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re happy and healthy too. Miss sleeping in a pig pile together, but things are good here in the Hamptons. Come visit us anytime, I have some extra room in my crate!

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