Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You’re At

Just a little Monday post from the heart today. I spent the weekend in Richmond, Virginia for a family wedding. Our flight was delayed and we arrived really late Friday night/early Saturday morning. Exhausted. Although I typically have a plan for weekend workouts to fit my schedule, whether it’s a fitness class or two, squeezing in an early run if the day is packed, heading to the gym, etc. I went to bed upon our arrival at the hotel not really knowing what the weekend would bring. I didn’t have a plan or expectations, I figured I would just wake up and listen to my body. Although I was leaning towards taking the day off after a long week, I DID know that I would feel much better the entire weekend if I did get a workout in, somehow, somewhere. Although I went back and forth on whether or not to pack my sneakers, I threw ’em in last-minute just in case.

I let myself sleep in Saturday morning since we arrived so late, didn’t even set an alarm clock (crazy I know!) I woke up thinking I have two options: roll over and go back to bed until who knows when…OR get my butt up and out. Knowing I would just feel better all around if I got some sort of exercise in instead of sleeping late and rolling right into brunch, I chose the latter. I got my workout clothes on and went downstairs, unsure of what was to come, but already glad I hadn’t chosen to roll over. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get motivated: getting out of bed and lacing up your sneakers.

I figured I was in a new place and the sun was shining, might as well explore it. An easy couple of miles was exactly what I had in mind. I figured I’d get to see a little bit of Richmond and get myself moving. Well, when I asked the woman at the front desk of our hotel where I should go for a run (any good trails? any back roads? any scenery?) Nope, our humble abode was pretty much smack dab in the middle of a concrete jungle. She thought for a moment and said “you could run laps around the mall.” Hmm, not exactly what I was thinking, but why not? So, I headed out per her directions, quickly found Macy’s, and proceeded to run around the mall. I knew that passing cars were probably thinking I was nuts, but oh well, I got in a rhythm and zoned out. I even came upon a big gym and just ran right along by. Although cement scenery wasn’t exactly what I had pictured, it was a gorgeous day and I was just happy to be outside and not sleeping the day away.

photo(2)I ran around the mall and down a few side roads, making sure I wasn’t going to get myself lost in totally unfamiliar territories. After an easy three miles, I headed back to the hotel, feeling those exercise endorphins, excited for the day ahead. That runner’s high lasted all day believe it or not, which made every second of those 29 minutes, 53 seconds well worth it. I didn’t really push myself, didn’t break any records, didn’t go hard, or get a full-body workout. And that was A ok with me. I didn’t feel like a slacker while my friends at home had just finished the Hamptons Half-Marathon because my three miles were better than nothing. I did what I could, with what I had, where I was. Sometimes, that’s more than good enough. If you’re out of town or just out of your normal routine, listening to your body and making some sort of exercise a priority really is good enough. And ya know what? It’s a darn good thing I ‘explored’ our surroundings and found that mall because it kept us occupied all day!

One Healthy Breakdown: Do what you can. Better than nothing is usually good enough!

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