The Wellness Menu

Welcome to the wellness zone. Your one stop shop wellness concierge ~ at your service.


We all want to be healthier, feel stronger, and look better. With unique needs, goals, lifestyles, bodies, strengths, and weaknesses, how does one find the right course of action? You don’t have to. That’s what the Wellness Menu is for.

We take the guess work out and put the pieces together for you by helping to identify your personal goals, navigate a plan, and offer constant support on the journey to a healthier, happier you. We’ll provide everything you need to SUCCEED!

We offer wellness consultations, personalized nutrition, private yoga, and custom packages to fit any lifestyle. We unite with the best local practitioners, personal trainers, instructors, healers, and experts throughout the Hamptons to put together your personal wellness team. All you have to do is show up and invest in your wellbeing!

Packages include:

  • RESTORATIVE Package: get grounded and learn to live with intention, perfect for injury recovery or breaking through blocks with yoga, movement, and mindfulness.
  • ATHLETIC Package: challenge yourself and enhance your fitness by working with one of the best personal trainers in the Hamptons to become the best version of you.
  • MIND, BODY, SOUL Package: manifest your desired reality with therapeutic healing, customized yoga, and personal nutrition with three of the top providers in the Hamptons.
  • TRANSFORMATION Package: uncover your healthiest, happiest self with holistic wellness, specifically designed for weight-loss and body confidence.
  • Prenatal Package: pre/post-natal wellness support for you, your body, and your bump.
  • WELLNESS for the WEDDING Package: brides-to-be, tone up, slim down, and feel even more amazing on your big day.
  • ALL ABOUT YOU Package: customize your own package.
  • BE ANYWHERE Package: travel to the Hamptons through Skype or Viber for nutrition, yoga, and/or fitness support from anywhere around the world!

For more information, please email to set up a time to explore what’s right for you. We look forward to supporting you on the journey to your healthiest, happiest you!


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