Looking Forward to Antigua Adventures

So, we’ve officially transitioned from bathing suits to boots and watermelon to pumpkin. Soon, we’ll go from raking leaves to shoveling snow. Ugh. The bad news is that another cold, long, snowy winter is upon us. The good news is that we can all escape the frigid weather and lack of Vitamin D this January! That’s right, we’re counting down the days until Antigua Adventure!IMG_0051Here’s what your retreat co-hosts are most looking forward to:

I can’t believe how lucky we are to spend a full week in this oasis with the best company I could ask for. Of course, the beaches, pools, yoga, fresh foods, and sunshine will be nothing short of amazing. On top of that, the women on this trip already blow me a way with their inspiration, positivity, creativity, and purity. I’m looking forward to learning from each other and applying the various aspects of wellness in paradise. Healthy living always seems to come a bit easier when the mind is relaxed, the water is near, and the sun is shining. From the intentions we set, the meals we enjoy, and the adventures we share, I know that we’ll have an amazing week and return home feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and refueled. Not to mention, a little sun-kissed as well 🙂 ~ Kiley DeMarco, Founder of One Healthy Hamptons and private Nutritionist in the Hamptons.

I am looking forward to so much–specifically that exciting feeling that flutters inside when the final countdown begins — 3 days, 2 days, 1 day, and then finally we are settled into beautiful Antigua. We become relaxed into our tropical palace literally made for island princesses and we begin to feel colorful joy. The bright colors of Antigua create magical feelings – crystal clear aqua water to feel refreshed, bright shades of tropical fruits to feel nourished, and dazzling white sands to feel grounded. The rainbows of Antigua are jaw dropping beauty and the blue skies are constantly flawless. I’d say I am most excited for the colors of Antigua – not only to view on the outside – but to feel from within and to experience with our retreat group. We are truly in for a treat because on Antigua, life is simply colorful. ~ Erica Velasquez, Founder of Yoga in the Vines at Wolffer Estate Vineyard and yoga instructor in the Hamptons

I am most excited to explore a new island with new friends. Adventures are filled with the anticipation of a new experience. Exploring Antigua, hiking to the mermaid pools, yoga with new & exotic views all add those magical elements of excitement and anticipation. Every day will be a chance to test the boundaries of our comfort zone & to fully live in the present moment soaking in the beauty of adventure. ~ Jenna Raynell, Founder of East End Mermaid, yoga teacher in the Hamptons.

IMG_0034We’re also super excited to have our wonderful sponsors Hampton Coffee Company, Hamptons Handpoured, RXBar, Pure & Peaceful, and Health Warrior, traveling with us, along with many other gifts along the way! Best of all, there are still a couple of spots left on our adventure and early bird rate is still in effect! Click here to read all about Antigua Adventure Yoga Retreat and email antiguaadventure@gmail.com for more information. Spots will sell out and flight pricing will increase, so plan your getaway soon and start counting down the days along with us!

One Healthy Breakdown: Live adventurously. Listen carefully. Love passionately. Go fearlessly…to Antigua with us for an adventure of a lifetime!

Wellthily Infuses Wellness at Gurney’s

OHH AdYour wealth is your health. Right? That’s the premise of innovative company, Wellthily, infusing health and wellness everywhere they go. Providing on-site experiences, products, and programming, Welthilly is generating change, increasing engagement, and improving experiences at “the end” this summer. OHH is happy to support the wellth.

After a full renovation, Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa redefined good old Gurney’s Inn. If you haven’t been, you must go. Now. The spa, the view, the food…the wellness! Holy wellness. I experienced it for myself in the form of candlelit hip hop yoga. It’s a thing. And it’s awesome, thanks to Y7 Studio for kicking my wannabe-yogi down dog to Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Wayne. Best. Friday. Night. Class. Ever. And it’s only just begun.

Lauren MAccording to Wellthily (we concur) this is the summer of wellth and we’re happily wellcoming Wellthily to Montauk all summer long! While “the end” clearly takes the cakes (and by cake, we mean green juice) in beachy chic, share houses, and day parties, Wellthily delivers celebrity workouts, beach yoga, wellness chats, healthy cocktails, gourmet eats, and lots more…all while keeping things cool, calm, and collected just like Montauk we know and love.

lifeway square bannerBoth weekday and weekend classes will be offered to guests, locals and visitors. The resort aims to bring together the local community, weekenders, and hotel guests. Wellthily programming will target anyone looking to sweat, stretch, center and revitalize. Yup, I think that’s all of us. So check out the line-up and join One Healthy Hamptons and Lifeway Foods for a blowout yoga event benefiting Test400K, which empowers healthy and safe communities by ending violence against women and children. It’s going down July 11th from 9am-2pm. From yoga to healthy Lifeway Kefir Smoothies, live music, and an expert panel on wellness, mindfulness, fitness and holistic living, this is one not to be missed.

Furthering their commitment to wellness and health, Gurney’s guest rooms will include Wellthily healthy travel kits available for purchase this summer. Kits contain products to help guests feel pampered, sleep soundly, and snack healthily. Need a little well-motivation? All Gurney’s guests also receive 15% off any One Healthy Hamptons Nutrition package!

For more information and to reserve your spot for July 11th, click here.

One Healthy Breakdown: Your health is your wealth, so get your wellness on at the beach!

Yoga in the Vines is Absolutely Divine

What’s better than getting into your first downward dog and feeling instantly better from the inside out? The mind and body connect, time starts to slow, and the focus shifts to the simplicity of the breath. That to-do list takes a back seat, negative thoughts seep away, and the chaos of the outside world dissipates. The body lightens, the heart opens, and gratitude takes over. When I experience this feeling at the beginning of my yoga practice, I know that I’m right where I need to be.

I’ll tell you what’s better than hitting the mat for yoga practice: having that very experience in the middle of a vineyard underneath the warm summer sun. Yoga in the Vines at the Wolffer Estate Vineyard commenced this past May and lucky for us, it’s a huge gift to our community. In a time and place where people are always trying to get from one Hamptons hot spot to the next, (of which Wolffer is one of those spots, of course) Yoga in the Vines offers a sanctuary, an escape from it all…in the middle of it all. The miles of greenery and scenery take yoga to a whole new level.

IMG_4767Yoga in the Vines allows us to experience all of the above mentioned goodness and gratitude in the middle of one of Mother Nature’s finest creations. Outside of the typical yoga studio, there’s no clock to watch and no ceiling to reach for. Just kick off your shoes, lay your mat on the grass, and you’re good to go. The yoga itself is no joke either, so be ready for that yoga stretch we all know and love.

I asked Erica (who works in Wolffer’s event department and recently got her yoga teacher certification in order to enact Yoga in the Vines) what made it happen? Her answer: “a dream & determination. My passion for the outdoors, yoga, and our community inspired me to start this new Yoga in the Vines program. It has been a dream to grow all three passions together and share this experience with our community in such a beautiful vineyard. I am so thankful to work at Wölffer Estate Vineyard and to have the support and encouragement from the Wölffer Team behind this program. Each class, teacher and student brings new and exciting energy to the winery and I look forward to the program’s future.”

10264297_673312989385258_5905117691776560397_nAmen to that, Erica! As we share these values for community, yoga, and the great outdoors, One Healthy Hamptons is thrilled to support and partake in this new venture in the vines! These classes really do bring about a one-of-a-kind energy. There’s just nothing else in the world like a sun salutation under the sunset, warrior pose among the dynamic wildlife, or a down dog with the view of endless vines amongst the blue sky. Even on cloudy or rainy days, class takes place under cover next to the pond and the Wolffer Estate backyard, equally as much of an oasis when the sun is hiding.

Each instructor brings with them their own twist and style. Although the setting itself brings enough pleasure, the yoga teachers happen to be nothing less than fantastic. Wolffer has hand-picked a group of instructors who all share an immense talent and appreciation for bringing the community together in the great outdoors. From Flow to Sunset Salutations, the mood is casual and the goal is sheer enjoyment. Class is outside, with just our yoga mats, the green grass, and each other. Being playful as we practice, allowing room for laughter, smiles, and outspoken gratitude are all not only accepted, but encouraged.

As if we weren’t spoiled enough with the wide variety of wonderful yoga studios around the Hamptons, Wolffer has upped the anti with Yoga in the Vines. Try a class for yourself during Hamptons Wellness Week this July!

One Healthy Breakdown:  If you think “Summer in a Bottle” is Wolffer’s highlight of the summer, you’ve got to try Yoga in the Vines!

Surviving and Thriving on Vacation

Wouldn’t it be great to feel balanced, relaxed, and perfectly indulged on vacation? And then to return after a week away feeling better than ever? Not to have that feeling looming over you upon your return, the pressure to hit the gym, start a cleanse, or diet to make up for overindulging on vacation?

Vintage Balance ScaleAs you probably know, I spent last week on a family vacation in the Dominican Republic. I remained balanced, happy, indulged, active, content, and returned feeling great too. I know that this isn’t always the case after a week away from our normal routine, (for me included) so I thought I’d share my top tips on surviving and thriving on vacation:

1. Allow yourself a break from your everyday habits, your body will thank you. It’s good to switch things up and stray from our routines every once in a while, with both diet and exercise. Taking a break from certain foods may actually make those nutrients double effective upon your return. Same with exercise, giving your body time to rejuvenate is key.

2. Find a happy medium between pure laziness (which we all know will ultimately make you feel crappy) and any strict diet or fitness routine. This balance, not deprivation, will result in both satisfaction and lasting confidence. Stay active, not strict.

3. Find the local produce and go to town. Fill up on fresh fruits and veggies, especially your favorites that may not be available at home this time of year.

photo 1

4. Indulge with all of your senses. Food is only one piece of the puzzle. Open your eyes and ears to all of the wonders of your surroundings, wherever you may be. Being more mindful in this way produces gratitude, calmness, and contentment far greater than a piece of pie.

5. Focus on the purpose of your trip. Quality time with family? Friends? Business? R&R? Culture? Whatever it is, keep that in mind and embrace it. My week was all about family time, R&R, and basking in the warm sun (with SPF of course!)

photo 1

6. Try new things. For me, it was water aerobics one day and parasailing another. Not a day went by without a walk on the beach. And while I didn’t ditch the gym all together, my indoor workouts were shorter and less frequent, which was exactly what I needed.

photo 1

7. Learned this one from Gabby Bernstein: “when in doubt, play it out.” For example, you’re eyeing the bread bowl or dessert. Play out the situation. If you indulge, will you feel satisfied and content or will you feel guilty and sluggish? Opt for those indulgences that fully satisfy and enjoy every bite.

One Healthy Breakdown: vacation should be a positive reset, both physically and mentally. A step forward, not backwards, in our healthy journey.