RELAX…here’s why you must!

relaxDid you know that April is National Stress Awareness Month? Stress can really bring us down, which is why we’re talking about the importance of relaxing and decompressing to be our best selves. Here are few important benefits of relaxing and rejuvenating:

  • Relaxation boosts the immune system, which lowers incidence of illness
  • Relaxation aids decision-making skills (stress clouds our judgement and reason)
  • Relaxation boosts memory and other cognitive functions
  • Relaxation stabilizes mood and stimulates the pleasure response, which enhances contentment and greatly reduces rate of depression
  • Relaxation decreases blood pressure
  • Relaxation promotes weight maintenance (stress increases appetite and cortisol)
  • Relaxation often results in better, deeper, uninterrupted sleep
  • Relaxation provides us with more energy overall
  • Relaxation does wonders for clear skin
  • Relaxation makes us feel GREAT!

EITSGood news, relaxing and rejuvenating the mind, body, and soul is now more accessible than ever! Hamptons Wellness Week is returning, bigger and better than ever! This time around, the week is PACKED with amazing offers from local spas, salons, and wellness providers to get us all relaxed and ready to “Ease into the Season.” Mark your calendar because May 3rd kicks off a wellness week like NO other. Stay tuned to for details coming soon and be sure to check our daily updates on Hamptons Wellness Week’s Facebook Page!

One Healthy Breakdown: we all deserve a little R & R before summer craziness!

Happy Feet, Happy Me

Are your feet happy feet? They can be if you have 60 minutes! Happy Feet, the Hamptons new gem, offers not only reflexology, facials, and massage, but also a completely unique and cultural escape miles and miles from life as we know it. Happy Feet allows for an instant 60 minute ‘getaway’ right in the middle of Sag Harbor.

Bare Feet on Sand

Although I’m new to reflexology, I know a good massage when I feel one. Reflexology is an ancient Chinese massage treatment based upon the notion that areas on the feet correspond to areas of the whole body, and by stimulating these with pressure, one can improve health and reduce tension through one’s qi (energy.) As one with a rather ‘tightly wound’ qi, (both physically and mentally) there’s nothing better than the combination of mental relaxation and physical release.

Happy Feet shut my mind off in a matter of minutes and I began to feel the first signs of bliss. Feeling ultra-comfy in the huge leather chair, I was ready to embrace the next hour, which began with sampling the fresh tea/juice deliciousness by my side as I sank my feet into the trough of warm water and rose petals below.

The reflexologist then began to rub my hands and arms, massaging each finger one by one, and pushing pressure points in my wrists. I felt my body continue to loosen up and my feet were definitely all warmed up and ready to get their happy on. From knees to toes, every little part was massaged, patted, rubbed, pounded, and given proper attention. Pressure points I didn’t even know existed were uncovered. I felt the connection between points on my feet and other parts of the body, a push here caused a pinch there.

The worst part about Happy Feet was that the hour flew by super fast, but I loved every single second of it…well maybe not the last few seconds. The rub ends with hot stones, which, ouch (!) definitely woke me up, but ended up to be one of those things that ‘hurt so good.’ Case in point, Happy Feet makes ya happy.

And the best part, you’d think an hour at Happy Feet in the Hamptons would typically cost an arm, a leg, and a month’s salary, right? Nope, not even close! Happy Feet is smart and totally reasonable – $35 for the hour and worth every single last cent.

Thanks, Happy Feet, my feet have let me know that we will be seeing you again real soon!

One Healthy Breakdown: Happy Feet induces head-to-toe happiness, inside and out!