One Month Push-Up Challenge


I stumbled upon a one month push-up challenge on instagram and decided to get in on it – who’s with me?!  It’s nothin’ crazy and literally takes less than five minutes out of my day.  Start at day one with 45 push-ups.  Start on your knees if you have to, by the end of the 30 days, you’ll be a push-up machine!  Split them up and get them done whenever, wherever, however you can.  I recreated the calendar to share with you – feel free to save, re-post, or print this image to be sure to stay on track, go buy some stickers if you so desire.  Set a daily alarm on your phone or google calendar (I did both) to remind you to get your push-up on.  I love these extra little challenges because they’re so easy to incorporate anywhere, any time of day that works for you.  Just do ’em.

One Healthy Breakdown: challenge yourself big and small.