Nesting & Investing in the New Year

It’s true what they say about pregnancy and nesting, but the New Year actually brings an even better excuse to clear out the old and make room for the new. Just like we cleanse our bodies of toxins, we can all benefit from cleansing our living space, workspace, and head space of clutter. We’re already spending the majority of the winter months inside, we might as well clean up a little, right?! Nesting is about simplifying and making space for what’s to come, investing in a new year of new possibilities. Whether you’re welcoming a baby into your household, just having house guests, or you have the desire to declutter your life, these tips are for you!

Let go of extra “stuff.” Sometimes we hold on to stuff that we may not even use because we have this fear of not having enough. Having “stuff” can make us feel secure in a way, but do you know what feels so, so much better? Getting rid of the extra stuff and making space – clarifying and simplifying things. That “stuff” can actually weigh us down and hold us back; after all, you know what they say: less is more. Once you clean out the stuff you don’t need, you’ll get it.

Where to start? Choose one small space at a time to make it manageable – your desk, the kitchen pantry, or a closet. Clean out everything you no longer need and organize the rest. Complete each space before moving on to the next.

When we declutter the space around us, we make space both mentally and physically for clarity and new opportunities. Use this open head space to visualize your goals for the New Year. Replace your resolutions with concrete goals and inspiration. Center your focus around inspiring words, mantras, and measurable tasks to ensure that you make progress. You may be inclined to change the decor of a room for a fresh start as well; try painting the walls, rearranging the furniture, or getting a new tool to help organize (anything from a file cabinet to a new mug for your pens.) This physical change may help instigate psychological change as well.

One Healthy Breakdown: get nesting, get focused, and get happy. Do it!

One Foot in Front of the Other

low section view of three people walkingI got my full eight hours last night, check! I woke up rested, energized, rejuvenated, and completely…overwhelmed. Truth.

Everywhere we turn, there’s words and hopes of a NEW YEAR, new chance, fresh slate, and an abundance of opportunities (yes, I’m guilty for spreading this message too.) The first Monday of 2014, talk about pressure! With a to-do list pages long and thoughts of cleaning the house, packing for a trip, going to the gym, spending times with friends and family, cooking a delicious edible dinner, and so on, I didn’t really know where to start. I stared at my computer for a while, got some things done, made a smoothie, and wondered what the heck is up with mother nature…55 degrees today?!

So, instead of sitting on the angst that is the first Monday of 2014, I got up, got my ugliest running clothes on, the ones I don’t care about ruining or washing until they fall apart, and I headed out with hopes that I may just avoid the rain, get in some nice miles, and come back with pure clarity.

No such luck, but I was lucky enough to stumble upon this swan in this (somewhat) frozen pond and the swan taught me a little life lesson.

photo 1I stopped for a minute and watched the beautiful white creature, who was inching along the (somewhat) frozen pond with quite intention. As to what exactly his intention was I imagined somewhat to be “don’t fall in, don’t fall in, don’t fall in.” as the ice looked thin and swan was ever so slowly progressing forward.

Watching the swan pick up one foot and carefully put it down in front of the other, all the while staying still and concentrating on the mission, reminded me of exactly what I needed today. It’s not about a giant leap, not about tackling my 2104 to-do list all NOW, it’s about slow and steady progress. It’s about literally picking one foot up and putting it in front of the other. It’s about moving forward, not backward, and more importantly, not falling in all together. And ya know what? Even if we do fall in once in a while, we learn from our mistakes and move on. It’s not the end of the world, it’s just a little water.

So, I carried on with my run with this in mind and suddenly felt more at ease. I ran home to get done what I knew had to get done today, but first, I jumped in a lot of puddles and I got moderately rained on. I came home soaked, and that was alright because I knew that all I needed to do was put one foot in front of the other.

One Healthy Breakdown: as long as you’re moving forward, that’s enough to get you there.