We Did It!

945496_518726274843931_982795310_nYesterday marked One Healthy Hamptons’ very first event and official summer kickoff!  THANK YOU immensely to all that came out to Flywheel yesterday to spin for Head Start! The crew was amazing and really made the day memorable. Together, we raised over $1,000 for our local Hamptons Head Start! This will fund their ongoing early intervention and family assistance programs and provide much-needed school supplies for the upcoming fall. If you attended or donated to the cause, pat yourself on the back, ya did good.

419169_518725501510675_605098051_nSome cute Hamptonites ready to fly!

941709_518726078177284_251078567_nShay Kostabi, renowned FlyBarre & Flywheel instructor, lead us through an amazing ride. This girl rocks; her motivational instruction lead our diverse group (some first timers, some avid spinners) all to the same place: our max…and then even further, until the very end. A big thanks to Shay for transforming this event into a FAB 45!

And a very special thank you to a few special local businesses for donating our prizes and refreshments; Naturopathica, Wolffer Estate, Gloria Jewel, Groundworks @ HRENS, Anke’s Fit Bakery, and The Juicy Naam.  We gathered, we flew, we sweat, we helped our community, had delicious muffins and fresh juice, and we welcomed the BEST summer!  We cycled to end the cycle of poverty and we made a difference.

One Healthy Breakdown: no better way to kick off summer than a FLY workout for a GREAT cause!

*One Healthy Hamptons is loving teaming up with this community to rally for a cause. Contact kiley@onehealthyhamptons.com if you’re interested in brainstorming such an event in the future.

Book Your Spot to ‘Cycle to End The Cycle’ Today!

Join us for a FLY workout to help a GREAT cause!

Summer Head StartHead Start is a National non-profit organization providing early education and ongoing assistance to children and families in our own community with income levels below the poverty line. Head Start offers community services in education, disability programs, health & nutrition, mental health, family partnerships, and parent trainings.

The Hamptons is home to two fabulous Head Start programs; Bridgehampton and Southampton, both of which help local children and families each and everyday. The educators, children, and families that walk through these doors are truly amazing beings, doing all they can to level out the playing field. Your donation can help fund Head Start’s summer and school programs. We’re making the most of it with local snacks, a fun raffle, free T-shirts, and tons of fun! Register here!

Price is a minimum (tax deductible!) donation of $50 (or $80 for two spots) this covers spin class, shoes, water, a t-shirt, refreshments from The Juicy Naam & Anke’s Fit Bakery, and a raffle ticket for each awesome prize (a wine tasting for two at Wolffer Estate, a massage at Naturopathica, $100 shopping spree to Gloria Jewel, fresh flowers from Groundworks, and a bakery basket from Anke’s Fit Bakery! Hope to see you on the bike, sign up here today!

One Healthy Breakdown: get your sweat and your good on and head into summer feeling GREAT!

Fly Baby, FLY!


It’s no coincidence that Flywheel’s mantra is “never coast;” there’s no time for that.  The word “rest” goes right out the window, it’s just not in the Flywheel vocabulary.  With 45 minutes to fly, not a second is wasted.  When I enter the Flywheel studio, I know that I will always be pushed to the max (and then some.)  You know that uncomfortable zone where change occurs and you just want it to end?  Settle in, get used to it – you’re here a while.

Flywheel’s standards are higher than high; the goal is not just to work out, it’s to work out hard.  Each and every pedal stroke leads with the intention of doing better.  You’re up, you’re down, you’re racing, climbing, pushing, sweating…you’re making the impossible happen.  Get ready to FLY.

Each and every Flywheel instructor brings nothing less than their A-game; they all exhibit the perfect combination of inspiration and insanity, but for me, Abigail Koplik Vogel takes it to a whole new level.  Abigail’s been here in the Hamptons flying with me all winter long.  Nothing holds her back (not hurricanes, blizzards, sickness) and nothing holds her down, whether there’s five people in the class or 55.


Just call her “DJ Ab,” her unexpectedly kick-ass taste in rap music constantly makes me smile, she can bring out the ‘gangsta’ in anyone.  I don’t know where she gets it, (she looks so innocent, doesn’t she?!) but as soon as Abigail gets on that bike, this mind-blowing passion, power, and motivation bursts out of her and fills the studio.  I know I can depend on Abigail to bring it no matter what, making me want to work my absolute hardest just to keep up with her.  And she doesn’t make it look easy either, Abigail acknowledges the challenge, accepts the pain, and allows herself to be vulnerable to the exhaustion.  She admits when it’s too much, but that doesn’t mean she backs off…ever.

Between Abigail’s coaching and the friendly competition of the torqboard, I can’t help but strive for better, every single class.  Flywheel’s unique proprietary technology enables each rider to accurately control and track their performance and progress by setting the torque to a specific objective and tracking energy spent.  There’s also the option of displaying a personal ID on the big-screen, displayed during races at the front of the room for some added competition.  With the ability to see your place in the class, if there’s 15 seconds left in a race, trust me, you speed the hell up.  At the end of the workout, you can see your stats and then a detailed summary of your speed, resistance, mileage, and calories burned on the Flywheel website.

Of course, the intensity is always within your control, yes you have the option to slow down or back off the resistance, but you won’t regret it if you don’t.  It’s not just intense cardio; Flywheel classes activate the core and dedicate one song to working the arms for a full body workout.  Light weights and tons of reps gets those muscles working immediately, you’ll forget about your legs for a few as the class curls, lifts, and tones those arms in unison.

Flywheel has a studio in Easthampton and Sag Harbor (seasonal.)  After just one class, the vigor will transform anyone into to a superhero discovering their superpower…the ability to fly.  If cycling is not for you, check out Flybarre, Flywheel’s challenging barre class that pulses, tones, shapes, and stretches the body.  It’s no joke either; just because there is a ballet barre involved does not mean you muscles won’t scream.

If you’re looking for an easy workout, Flywheel is just not for you.  I repeat, if you don’t want challenge or change, stay far away from the Flywheel studio.

One Healthy Breakdown: Don’t let the sweet, innocent-looking instructors fool you, they’re hardcore.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.