Life’s a Breeze by the Sea

TGIF!  It’s Friday, it’s May, and the sun is shining.  There are officially 21 days until Memorial Day weekend and the kickoff of another amazing Hamptons summer!!  Memorial Day officially marks the start of the summer craziness around here, but we know better than to wait three weeks to embrace what we have now.

As soon as the temperature rose above freezing, I started running outside again, all bundled up awaiting sunny days like these, and now they’re here!  Last weekend, I ate fresh fish out on the water in Montauk.  For the past few weeks, whenever the sun is out, I’ve made it a priority to walk outside everyday, whether it’s five miles or around the block.  Why?


Because life’s a breeze by the sea.  Isn’t it?  It’s relaxing, refreshing, and inspiring.  Time will stand still if we let it, if we take advantage of every day.  The days are longer and the sun is stronger.  What do we have to complain about?

I’ll admit it, every so often, I have to give myself a wake-up call.  Sometimes I have to step outside, away from work, the computer, the phone, and remind myself of my surroundings.  I’ll admit it, sometimes, I take it for granted, sometimes it just passes me by, all of the good things surrounding us.  The ocean, the beauty, the village, the views, the people, the places, the land, the culture, the fun, the vibe.  So, for my own benefit and yours, I invite you to embrace it.

Embrace May.  Embrace the warm sun and the cool breeze.  Not only is it time to get a beach sticker, it’s also time to go to the beach (no sticker needed!)  No, I’m not one of those super brave surfers out there riding the waves, I’m talking about just letting it soak in, literally.  Put your toes in, pack a picnic, walk around town, paint the sunset, go to the seasonal restaurants, order the clams, open the windows, smell the flowers, and e n j o y.  This is our time, our summer head-start, the right we’ve earned by being a loyal local.  The right to pretend we’re tourists and experience it all again.  Don’t wait until Memorial Day.  Don’t wait another day.  Embrace today.

One Healthy Breakdown: enjoy the breeze by the sea.