Calypso Shopping Soirée on Friday!

You’re invited! Come shop, sip, and snack with us this Friday, October 9th 4-6pm at Calypso St. Barth East Hampton! It’s getting chilly out there and we could all use a new fall or winter staple…at a discount! Every guest will receive 20% off at Calypso and any OHH nutrition package with Kiley as well! Let’s get healthy, get stylish, and have some fun!

Calypso EviteThere’s nothing better than a girls night out shopping and sipping champagne with your girlfriends! What would a fall soirée be without a little pumpkin spice? Yes, there will be healthy pumpkin bites and some nutrition chatter too. If you’re expecting, come and meet the ladies of BumpEast. Let’s cheers to fall, fashion, and fun together, hope to see you there!

calypso*I love Calypso and this faux fur is my winter staple! Can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store!

One Healthy Breakdown: see you at the soirée on Fri-day!

Surf’s Up in the Hamptons

What’s a girl to do when her home gym closes for month?! Learn to surf, of course! Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration…I didn’t actually learn to surf, per se, but I did learn to workout on a surfboard! It’s called Surfset and it’s awesome! If you’re like me, you may have seen this innovative fitness company on Shark Tank years ago. Well, lucky for us, we can hang ten (have to use the surf lingo obviously, get used to it) at Well Within Studio in East Hampton.

IMG_0926Surfset allows you to ride the wave without getting wet! Inspired by the art of surfing, Surfset is designed to strengthen the core, improve balance, burn fat, and be fun! Combining high-intensity interval training with Pilates, resistance training, and constant stabilization, it’s a full-body workout that will get your heart pumping, your arms paddling, your core tight, and your entire body working!

FullSizeRender_2Class begins with a warm-up (‘on shore,’ aka the floor) and immediately transitions into intervals of cardio and head-to-toe conditioning. Anything’s game, from ‘starfish crunches,’ to ‘duck-dive burpees’ (you think burpees are hard? Try doing ’em on a moving surface!) to ‘wave runner’ (aka mountain climbers.) The unsteady surfboard acts as an obstacle to jump over, a surface to squat on, a mat for Pilates and yoga, and even a place for standing arm-work with the built-in resistance band. The board is created to mimic the instability of an actual surf board on the water. In order to stay balanced or perform even the simplest movement on the board, the mid-section is engaged and working hard. By the end of the 45 minute class, (which flies by thanks to the thrill of the surf and hoppin’ music) the glutes, arms, abs, and back have all gotten a full workout!

FullSizeRender_1It’s safe to say that these surfers thought of everything. Emma Field, owner of Well Within and Surfset instructor, explains what made her first fall for this unique fitness program:

“I stumbled upon Surfset a couple of years ago at a fitness convention in Germany and immediately liked what I saw. I kept in touch with the owners and as soon as a space became available, I opened up a studio to accommodate Surfset as well as various other fitness and yoga classes. I’ve worked with personal trainers and done pretty much everything out there, but nothing compared to Surfset. You get cardio, strength-building, muscle-lengthening and, of course, your core whipped into shape in no time! Personally, I love that there are no props, (besides the board, of course), so you get toned, but not bulky. I started my fitness journey as a Pilates instructor, so I appreciate a great workout using just your own body weight!”

FullSizeRenderSo, how do you workout…on a surf board?! It takes a strong mind-body connection, an engaged core, and a balance of concentration and trust to complete the class without shaking profusely or falling off-board. Emma makes it look so damn easy and natural, you may wonder what’s wrong with you, but don’t fret. Emma says not to get discouraged at the first class. “If you keep coming back, your balance will improve and you will instantly start to see the results. I mean…who doesn’t want a toned surfer body?”

One Healthy Breakdown: Join the party wave at Well Within Studio! See you at the pipeline?!

Hamptons Cranksgiving!

Saunders & Associates is proud to join forces with the nationwide Cranksgiving movement. This ride was the brainchild of NYC cycling enthusiasts who wanted to pair pedaling with giving.

10348539_10152473843003575_3037848298029843841_nThe concept is simple. The route takes you to four different grocery stores. You pay nothing to join the ride. Instead, we ask that you bring your wallet and purchase non-perishables at each grocery store stop along the way – the amount you spend is completely up to you. There you have it. You get to spend the morning riding your bike with a group of awesome riders and you help members of your community have food on their tables for the holidays.

What could be better than that? Not much. So, what do you say? We’ll be starting our event in East Hampton Village on Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014. All donations for this ride will go to the East Hampton Food Pantry. They plan to feed more than 31,000 people this year in Amagansett, East Hampton, Montauk, Springs and Wainscott.

NBC’s TODAY Show will be at Cranksgiving documenting the event and will be airing the footage on Monday, 11/24! Today Show’s Matt Lauer and Darlene Rodriguez from WNBC will be riding in the Hamptons Cranksgiving, so sign up to join them!

The ride will start and finish at the East Hampton Middle School (76 Newtown Lane, East Hampton.)
Registration will begin at 10am. The ride will begin at 11am. The ride is approximately 6 miles. There will be fun prizes and giveaways along the way!

Riders, please bring:
• Bike with a helmet and a bike lock
• Large, sturdy backpack to carry your non-perishable goods
• At least $20 to purchase the food (bring more if you want to donate more!) There is no registration fee.

Please check-in when you arrive to receive a free map with your route — including stops at local grocery stores — a shopping list of food requested by the East Hampton Food Pantry and an envelope to collect all the receipts for your purchased items.

This is a charity ride and not a race. Ride safely, be nice and treat others like you would like to be treated. Cranksgiving is lots of fun, helps a good cause and shines a positive light on the local community. Please come help us support our community!

One Healthy Breakdown: crank up gratitude this holiday by joining Cranksgiving!

Calypso Cares Shopping Event!

Mark your calendar for November 19th and get ready to shop, sip, and support! We’ve partnered up with Calypso East Hampton for a fun shopping event to celebrate the season of giving, thanks, and holiday shopping! Before the holiday hustle and bustle takes over, stop into Calypso East Hampton (21 Newtown Lane) on Wednesday, November 19th between 5-7pm to shop One Healthy Hamptons style! Bring a gently-worn item of clothing to donate to Clothes4Souls non-profit to “wear out hunger” and get 25% off your purchase! Gather your girlfriends and join us to kick off the holiday season right – with style, giving, warmth, and champagne! Let the shopping begin! CalypsoCaresOne Healthy Breakdown: shop to show you care…see you there!

Are YOU a FITiST?!

“FITiSTS are the ones who love fitness and wellness because they know how great it makes them look and feel.” Are YOU a FITiST?! If you haven’t checked out the new FITiST Collective at 5 Railroad Avenue in East Hampton, (the Summer Kicks building across from the railroad tracks) you’re missing out on one of the Hamptons’ best opportunities to get fit, fitter, FITiST.

FitistAdThe new FITiST Collective in East Hampton gathers the best in fitness all under one roof! Expect an unrivaled schedule of pop-up workouts, led by all-star instructors, including The Fhitting Room, Exhale, Body by Simone, 305 Fitness, Body Conceptions by Mahri, Bari Studio, City Row, Soho Strength Lab, ToneHouse, Uplift, and lots more!

If you’re like me, you’re not loving the rivalries between fitness studios, the competition in the market, and the lack of support that goes along with that. FITiST has demolished the competition and brought the best of the best together, under one roof, to provide unparalleled variety, fitness, and fun.

I’m a FITiST frequent flyer because I love the concept and the fact that I can catch one of my all-time favorite fitness classes, IntenSati, with Natalia Petrzela!

photo 1(7)Just like you see, IntenSati combines intention and awareness with fitness, positivity, and sweat! Not your average fitness class, IntenSati is a bit unexplainable, but chances are if you try it, you’ll be hooked like me. Do yourself a favor during these last few weeks of summer: try something new until you find a workout you LOVE. And then keep doing it! You can try all sorts of great classes at FITiST!

One Healthy Breakdown: If you’re a FITiST, I’ll see you there!

Where to Get a Christmas Tree in the Hamptons

Christmas tree with presents and fireplace with stockings --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Picking out and decorating a Christmas tree is one of the best holiday traditions, bringing families together everywhere. If it’s on your agenda this weekend, here’s where to go:

Lynch’s Garden Center: 175 North Sea Road, Southampton

Groundworks at HRENS, 530 Montauk Highway, East Hampton

Sag Harbor Garden Center: 11 Spring Street, Sag Harbor

Dayton Farms at Hardscrabble: Route 114 and Stephen Hands Path, East Hampton (this is where we got our adorable tree!)1466171_598116360238255_1067232004_n

Aspatuck Gardens: 303 Montauk Highway Westhampton Beach

Charlie Whitmore Gardens: 26 Montauk Highway, Amagansett

Wainscott Hardware: 338 Montauk Highway, Wainscott

Hampton Nursery: 205 West Montauk Highway, Hampton Bays

Small Potato Nursery: 2701 Route 27, Bridgehampton

East Hampton Garden: 16 Gingerbread Lane, East Hampton

The Laurel Group: 910 Montauk Highway, Water Mill

East Quogue Fire Department: 465 Montauk Highway, East Quogue

One Healthy Breakdown: ’tis the season, happy tree-picking!

13.1 – Janet’s First Hamptons Half

Last Saturday, I ran my first half marathon right at home in the Hamptons. The sun was shining, the weather was gorgeous; it was the perfect day for a great race!

Before I began training for this half-marathon, I wasn’t a serious runner. I enjoyed running and did an easy three-mile run (with a lot of walking breaks) a few times a week for cardio, but I didn’t know much about long distance running. Truth be told, I was the girl who dreaded the mile run in high school, but I am also the girl that likes a challenge. In May 2013, I decided that the Hamptons Half Marathon would be my next challenge.

Training was hard, it was definitely a unique experience. I had a fantastic training plan put together for me by awesome Ultra-Marathon runner, Dennis Fabiszak. Training included: speed work, hills, and long runs, all summer long. (Plus, if you are in the area, there are free training runs put together by the coordinators of the Hamptons Marathon and Half from Memorial Day to Labor day). It was tough to wake up and be ready to run at 6am to beat the summer heat, but nothing beats the feeling of conquering a new personal record. Some days, I wanted to just stay in bed. Some days, I just wanted to quit and start walking (and sometimes I did, no shame in walking!), but I kept trudging along, and with each mile, I became stronger and more powerful.

Although I knew I had trained hard, I was definitely nervous. The race nerves started to sink in a few days before when I went to pick up my packet. Friday night, a few friends that were running with me and I had a pasta party to relax and refuel, and soon enough it was race day!

My alarm woke me up bright and early on race day (5am!) to the tune of Katy Perry’s “Roar.” I ate breakfast and was ready to go. I lined up with my pace group and we were off! The first few miles were along rolling hills, but were nice and shaded. It was pretty chilly with temperatures in the 60’s, but I felt good…until about mile 5 when I began to hit a wall.

The course flattened out, which sounds good in theory, but the shade from the trees disappeared. I’d take rolling hills over the sun beating down on me any day. The girl scouts cheering me on at the water station did help me feel a bit better, but I was definitely hurting. As I got closer to mile 6, the shade from the trees came back, but it wasn’t helping. I really thought I was losing it until I started to hear “Eye of the Tiger” and then came across the Lululemon girls! They had a great dance party going on with some awesome signs that totally re-energized me! At mile 6, I also stopped to refuel, which made a huge difference. I was happier, energized, and ready to take on the next 7.1 miles. Phew.

I happily ran mile 6 through gravel and then 7, 8, and 9 flew by. Before I knew it I was at mile 10 which meant I only had a 5k to go! At this point in the race you enter an out-and-back route, and as I was running out, I saw my friend Kristen who was about a mile ahead of me. We high-fived, and she went on to have an awesome time. The turn-around takes you to the beach, where there is some beautiful, breathtaking scenery. While everyone else was taking it in, the math nerd inside of me had just one thing on my mind. All I could think about was where I fell in the distribution of the race times, what the average finish time was, and what the standard deviation was (fyi, I am currently in graduate school for statistics).

Before I knew it, I was at mile 12! I really started pushing myself. I picked up my pace and began passing people to get to the finish line. I just wanted to be done; 20 weeks of training came down to this moment! I pushed myself to the end for a time of 2:14:35…15 minutes faster than my goal of 2:30!

I chugged a chocolate milk at the finish line and went to enjoy some post-race perks – free massages and lots of food!

Here are a few top things I learned from my first Hamptons half:

  • It is impossible to take an attractive photo after running 13.1 miles.
  • Who cares what you look like in a photo, YOU JUST RAN 13.1 MILES!
  • It’s okay to be proud of your accomplishment and want to share it with everyone.
  • It is perfectly okay to wear your medal around your neck for the rest of the day, wherever you go.
  • You may plan to take a fitness class the next day. You may get to the gym and realize that yoga is a better choice.
  • The first stop after running a half should be Espresso’s for a delicious, giant sandwich (or your favorite indulgence!)
  • The second stop: the beach! There’s nothing else to do but relax and enjoy the day!

The Hamptons Half Marathon was a fantastic race; I would definitely recommended it to anyone running their first half. There were water stations at every mile, a ton of bathrooms on the course, and beautiful views. The course is relatively shady with some rolling hills, and it is really well-organized, which makes a huge impact. The coordinators send weekly emails informing us of what is to come, registration is a breeze, and we got our official results the same day! Perfect for a beginner like myself. Sad you missed the fun of the Hamptons Marathon and Half? No worries! May 10th, 2014 is the inaugural Bridgehampton Half, registration opens this month!

One Healthy Breakdown: Janet’s experience is so inspirational! She proves that with a LOT of hard work and dedication, that we can accomplish amazing goals. Looks like she’s hooked on halfs now! Thanks for sharing your experience with us Janet…and Happy Birthday! ~ Kiley & OHH

WHOLE and More!

I recently attended a lecture by Dr. Cambell (author of The China Study and Whole.) Here’s what I learned:

Arranged Vegetables Creating a FaceOur bodies are machines constantly working towards HEALTH. It is how we feed our bodies that determines how easy or difficult it is for the body to get to what we’re working towards. When we feed the body the best fuel, (whole foods) we thrive from the nutrients, making it much easier to maintain a healthy body. When we don’t eat healthy, our body has to work much harder to break down the food, remove the nutrients, and fuel itself to continue to work towards health. If we fuel our machines (bodies) right, they will ‘run’ better and be healthier all around. Whole foods are easily digested, so the majority of the nutrients are absorbed into the body. Since food fuels the body’s processes, the easier the food is to digest, the more we benefit from it.

Nutrition may actually outweigh genetics. We are all pre-disposed to disease through genetics, some more than others, as DNA varies person to person. Nutrition, however, determines which of these genes are turned on. For example, we know that cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment. Eating a diet full of whole foods and plants increases alkalinity, while too much meat and processed foods tend to increase acidity.

MP900387908The good news is that we can actually reverse disease and shut these cells off, just like we can turn them on. Diet can change the body on a cellular level. For example, studies show that people with heart disease can be “cured” through nutrition. Although the genes still exist, they are dormant as a result of dietary changes. How cool is that?! And why don’t most people know that?!!!

Modern medicine is not based on holistic health and nutrition. The food and drug industries seem to be competing instead of aligning in the name of health. Most doctors do not preach a whole food diet because nutrition is the one thing that is not taught in medical school that is actually the leading factor for change.

Lastly, and my very favorite point is a direct Dr. Cambell quote: “when you eat healthy, your taste buds begin to change overtime. You begin to crave a salad. If you don’t have a salad, you want one.” I can’t reiterate how true this is. Overtime, as I’ve become more knowledgeable about nutrition, my body has naturally learned to crave healthy foods. If I go a day without fresh vegetables or fruit, my body wants nothing more than wholesome nourishment. The same goes for poor diet, so why not train yourself wisely?

One Healthy Breakdown: educate yourself. Nourish yourself. You deserve the best.


Come on, Get HAPPY

I just watched The Happy Movie andI highly, highly recommend it. Here’s a few facts, tidbits, quotes, perspectives, and words of wisdom learned from this captivation of global happiness.


  • “The Constitution only guarantees the American People the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.” –Benjamin Franklin
  • Positive Psychology (the study of happiness) became the most popular class at Harvard.
  • Genetics determine 50% of happiness, circumstances determine 10%, and intentions determine the remaining 40%. Set intentions.
  • Dopamine naturally starts depleting after our teen years; however, positive experiences (like exercise, socialization, and love) produce dopamine in the body.
  • Tangible goods produce fleeting happiness; compassion produces long-term contentment.
  • We always have a choice to be happy, or not. When it rains, we can either hide or embrace it.
  • There is no such thing as pleasure without pain. Both are necessary to be happy.
  • While the United State’s economic growth has doubled, our happiness level as a nation has remained static.
  • The top consistency among happy people, both individually, and as a culture, seems to be a close, supportive family and friends.
  • Japan has been deemed the least happy nation due to stress. Japanese people have died from forcing themselves to be more efficient. Japan actually has a name for this, when the person’s heart just stops, due to nothing but exhaustion, is “Karoshi.”
  • Denmark has been labeled the happiest country. Danish citizens not only receive free education and healthcare, but also tend to co-habitate; numerous families will reside in small homes or apartments close together, decreasing solitude. There is always someone there to share conversation, a meal, and even pain. Families save time and money by sharing chores and benefits and there is constant socialization among all ages.
  • Instead of looking at society selfishly and thinking “what does he/she have that I don’t?” if we think “what do I have that I can give to others?” we would all constantly help each other and the world would be a better place. That is true community.
  • Fundamentalists, who build their life mission on hate and segregation, are proven less happy.
  • People live longest on Okinawa Island, the only part of Japan known for happiness. Community is the center of the culture. Citizens shared their secrets to longevity: hard work, lots of sleep, sweat, neighborly love, no harm to others, and…sake. They even bury people in one communal coffin to allow for infinite connection.
  • When humans are given the choice to choose competition or cooperation, we almost always choose cooperation. We find cooperation intrinsically rewarding.
  • One uniquely happy Bushmen tribe values each member’s individual wellbeing as one. When one member of the tribe is sick, the whole tribe unites for group-healing. One member explains: “being together, that’s what makes us happy. To laugh is very important.”
  • Compassion is part of our genetic makeup; it’s in our blood.
  • Intention can physically change your brain. Gratitude and acts of kindness have been proven to boost happiness on a cellular level. Happiness can be seen as a skill we must practice often.
  • Lifting others spirits makes life meaningful.
  • The formula for happiness = play + new experiences + friends and family + meaning + appreciation. All of which are free. Things we can all have.
  • The more happiness you have, the more everyone has.

One Healthy Breakdown: Watch The Happy Movie. Practice happiness. Every single day.