Wellness Week Wrap Up

This past weekend, we wrapped up Hamptons Wellness Week with wellness, workouts, and warriors by the water. It was an amazing way to end a wonderful week of wellness thanks to the participants, businesses, and brands that showed up in the name of wellness and well-being!


We kicked off the day with a kick-ass Core Fusion Cardio class thanks to Elisabeth Halfpapp, co-founder of Exhale Spa! We punched, planked, and sweat our way through, overlooking the beautiful salty waves and blue sky…what a way to start the day!


Between classes, we fit in a panel discussion about staying healthy and well in the Hamptons all summer long. Meet the experts: Anastasia Gavalas of Hamptons Wellness Week and Wing It, OHH’s founder/EIC, Kiley DeMarco, Debra Halpert of Hamptons Magazine, and Elisabeth Halfpapp of Exhale. So, what is the secret to enjoying the Hamptons while staying healthy? Balance, moderation, and indulging in local goodness, food and wine included. As Wellthily put it, “everything in moderation, even moderation.” So, ditch the diet, live with intention, enjoy every day, and make your own rules. If you’re not sure how or where to start, we’re here for you.


Wonderful women, wellness, workouts, and wings!


Left to right: Elisabeth Halfpapp, Kiley DeMarco, Debra Halpert, and Anastasia Gavalas


We moved on to a live DJ yoga class with local duo Leigh Anne Eberle and DJ Ray Jarrell. The storm held out for this beautiful hour of rhythm, flowing, stretching, dancing, and reflecting.


Aly Teich of The Sweat Life, Lisa Hayim of The Well Necessities, Kiley, and Suzie Baleson of Wellthily

Post-workouts, we chatted and snacked on Lisa’s Hugly (the healthy + ugly) cookies YUM! Sunday’s programming started with a “Yoga in the Vines at the Beach” class with OHH’s Erica Velazquez. We woke up with a beautiful vinyasa flow, reaching for the blue skies above.


Transitioning from tranquility to toning, we jumped right into Core Fusion Barre by the beach with Rachel Feldman (below) of Exhale. The backdrop made each pulse a bit less painful and the ocean breeze made the hot summer sunshine not only bearable, but beautiful.


The entire weekend was full of gratitude for wellness, well-being, bonding, fitness, friendships, (new and old) strength, sunshine, and this amazing place we’re lucky enough to call home. From the weather to the workouts, and of course, the wellness warriors, we were blessed.


OHH models left to right: Jessica Pope, Kiley DeMarco, Cristina Thorp, and Beverly McGrath

One Healthy Breakdown: Happy summer! There’s no denying it’s going to be the best one yet!



*We’re planning more awesome wellness events in the Hamptons throughout July and August, email kiley@onehealthyhamptons.com to collaborate!

*OHH tanks are SOLD OUT, but the good news is that we’re ordering more! Email kiley@onehealthyhamptons.com to purchase yours today!

Sweat for a Cause…or Two!

Come sweat for a cause on Saturday, October 24th at Hamptons Gym Corp! Join us for great music, exercise, and snacks as we support The Retreat and Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation.

12074841_1068645896513221_9010213101450571183_nThis event will bring two of the East End’s most valuable resources together with one of the area’s favorite local fitness spots. Both The Retreat and the Southampton Animal Shelter are in the business of providing care and shelter for the whole family. 100% of proceeds will be donated; classes are $25 per class, $40 for 2, $60 for 3. Here’s the class schedule:
9:30am Cyling w/ John Leonard
10:30am BODYPUMP w/ Jacqui Perrine and Liza Gallia
11:30am ZUMBA w/ Master Instructor Oscar Gonzalez

Reservations recommended. Drop-ins welcome but please allow for enough time to register before the event. Call (631)725-0707 to reserve your spot.

One Healthy Breakdown: sweat for the community, sweat for a pet!

Are YOU a FITiST?!

“FITiSTS are the ones who love fitness and wellness because they know how great it makes them look and feel.” Are YOU a FITiST?! If you haven’t checked out the new FITiST Collective at 5 Railroad Avenue in East Hampton, (the Summer Kicks building across from the railroad tracks) you’re missing out on one of the Hamptons’ best opportunities to get fit, fitter, FITiST.

FitistAdThe new FITiST Collective in East Hampton gathers the best in fitness all under one roof! Expect an unrivaled schedule of pop-up workouts, led by all-star instructors, including The Fhitting Room, Exhale, Body by Simone, 305 Fitness, Body Conceptions by Mahri, Bari Studio, City Row, Soho Strength Lab, ToneHouse, Uplift, and lots more!

If you’re like me, you’re not loving the rivalries between fitness studios, the competition in the market, and the lack of support that goes along with that. FITiST has demolished the competition and brought the best of the best together, under one roof, to provide unparalleled variety, fitness, and fun.

I’m a FITiST frequent flyer because I love the concept and the fact that I can catch one of my all-time favorite fitness classes, IntenSati, with Natalia Petrzela!

photo 1(7)Just like you see, IntenSati combines intention and awareness with fitness, positivity, and sweat! Not your average fitness class, IntenSati is a bit unexplainable, but chances are if you try it, you’ll be hooked like me. Do yourself a favor during these last few weeks of summer: try something new until you find a workout you LOVE. And then keep doing it! You can try all sorts of great classes at FITiST!

One Healthy Breakdown: If you’re a FITiST, I’ll see you there!

July Hamptons Wellness Week Countdown!

The third and HOTTEST Hamptons Wellness Week is just days away and we’re counting down the minutes to the BEST week of the summer! Get your ticket before they sell out!

hamptonswellnessweek_300x250_070214(1)THIS is the ONE week all summer that you can put everyone and everything aside, put yourself first, and take advantage of outrageously HOT deals at over 50 local businesses! This is the week of endless possibilities! July 13th-20th showcases everything wellness under the sun from boutique fitness to holistic healing, spa services to stroller strides, pampering to prevention, hydrotherapy to hypnotherapy, water sports galore, and tons more! Who’s bored of their fitness routine and ready to try some new classes? Who’s been dying to try standup paddleboarding or surfing? Whether you want a quick mani/pedi or you’re ready to see a holistic doctor, this is the week to give it (ALL!) a go for pennies!

surfing 001Tickets are selling fast which means folks are reserving their spots in classes and booking their appointments and getting ready to attend the “Wellness Wingd-ing” celebration at the Old Stove Pub (ALL included in the price of ONE ticket!) so don’t wait! Take advantage of 8 complimentary fitness classes and UNLIMITED 50% off discounts throughout Hamptons Wellness Week for a one-time fee of $45!

Masseuse Massaging Young Man Lying on Table Closed EyesYes, it’s true…and it gets better! Proceeds benefit the Wing it Project for global education. Together, we can make a difference by funding education for children who are not otherwise granted the privilege of schooling. Hamptons Wellness Week is all about empowering ourselves to be healthier while empowering children to better the world. So hop on board today to connect with like-minded people, experts, and businesses in and around the Hamptons community in the most relaxed and fun way! Click here to see the full list of offers and click here to buy your ticket!


Purchase your ticket at Sean’s Place in Southampton, Montauk Juice Factory in Montauk, or Simply Sublime in East Hampton to get your Hamptons Wellness Week ticket and get 50% off a juice or smoothie too! Does it get any better than that?!


OR head to LURK Beauty in Sag Harbor (across from the post office) to claim your ticket and get 10% off your health and beauty purchase!

One Healthy Breakdown: Buy ticket —> get a juice —-> reserve classes —> book spa/wellness appointments —> help the Wing it Project —> attend cocktail party —> do good —> feel better!

Hampton Gym Corp.’s Launch Weekend!

This weekend brings another weekend of celebration to the Hamptons…it’s Hamptons Gym Corp’s Launch Weekend! That means free classes, bring a friend, awesome team and group teaching, new tracks, and lots more! In case you haven’t tried Hamptons Gym Corp’s awesome group fitness classes, you really should get over there this weekend!

HGCHGC is one of the only fitness destinations with a vast variety of group fitness classes in addition to personal training, and a full weight-lifting and cardio room for your own routines. There’s always something going on at HGC, whether you’re looking for group classes, spin, strength-training, Latin fun, upper body, lower body, yoga and stretching, abs and glutes, and more. With three locations throughout the Hamptons, you can drop into a group fitness class in Sag Harbor, (1 Bay Street) Southampton (395 County Road 39A) or get your own workout in at their East Hampton location (2 Fithian Ln.)

This weekend is your chance to try a class (or two or three!) absolutely free! I’ll warn you, HGC’s group fitness classes are pretty addicting, but that’s ok because an annual or monthly class membership pays for ALL classes! I’m a huge fan of Les Mill’s Body Combat, Body Flow, and Body Pump, and can’t wait to try all they have to offer! HGC’s fitness instructors are skilled professionals with LOTS of energy; they’ll pump you up and give you a great workout every single time. Here’s the schedule for this coming weekend (July 13th & 14th):

8:15am BODY VIVE with Jacqui
9:40am BODY PUMP with Liza, Z and Ute
11:00am: LATIN VIBES with Natalia

8:15am ABS AND GLUTES with Ute
9:40am BODY COMBAT with Z, Kelly and Pilar
11:00am BODY FLOW with John, Kelly, Zivile and Yvonne

8:00am CYCLING with Andre
8:15am YOGA with Mary
9:40am BODY COMBAT with Rebeca, Alexia and Tony
11:00am BODY FLOW with Tracie and Geoff
12:15pm Zumba with Fit Point

8:00am CYCLING with Liza
8:15am BODY ATTACK with Rebeca and Tahlia
9:40am  POWER TONE with Raquel
11:00am BODY PUMP with Rebeca and Alexia

Existing members, be sure to check out the new summer class schedule which changes Monday, July 15th.

One Healthy Breakdown: take advantage of launch weekend at Hampton Gym Corp to try new classes, switch-up your routine, workout with friends, and get in shape for summer!

Core Fusioning with Rachel

Core FusionI recently got the chance to take Rachel Feldman’s Core Fusion Barre & Core Fusion Yoga Classes at Exhale, Bridgehampton. Despite Rachel’s nonchalant introduction to Core Fusion, (“it’s more about the alignment than the movements, the small movements come second”) this class is no joke. Seriously.

Exhale’s signature Core Fusion technique was developed by Elisabeth Halfpapp and her husband, Fred DeVito. Based on the philosophies of Joseph Pilates and Latte Berk, Core Fusion combines precision, rhythm, strength, flexibility, and muscle endurance.

The Core Fusion method focuses first and foremost on the spine. “A healthy spine creates a youthful body,” Rachel explained. The workout will lengthen and improve flexibility, as the method incorporates stretching after each exercise. Since the core is the powerhouse of the body, Core Fusion works from the inside out, first focusing on position and then moving in that place to strengthen a particular muscle group.

Isolating the small muscles throughout the abs, arms, and butt, this ballet-inspired class works to change the body fast. Rachel emphasizes the importance of really getting to know each client and their individual body, strengths, and weaknesses. She explains that witnessing the change in people is an amazing perk of the job (in addition to getting paid to workout, of course!) She’s seen younger clients who have actually gotten a bit taller and older women who developed strong muscles, negated back pain, and literally turned back time.

Yes, I definitely felt the muscles twitching, over and over (and over) during Core Fusion Barre. Expect lots of tiny inner and outer thigh movements, tons of reps with lighter weights to exhaust the arms, and constant use of the core. That’s the name of the game after all. Core Fusion Yoga also incorporates similar movements, but focuses on repetitive sun salutations and strengthening through yoga. While it’s not your typical yoga class, it’s a great alternative if you want to like yoga but crave more intensity and constant stimulation.

Inhale, Exhale, and LIFT the belly button in and up, I can see Rachel demonstrate the lift now. That’s what makes her so great, she explains every little movement, and exactly where you should be feeling it (in case it’s not painfully obvious.) She moves around the room with fluidity, ensuring that the moves are executed correctly and giving constant positive reinforcement. Rachel’s body exudes the grace of a dancer, while her personality serves as a motivational coach.  Though my abs and thighs were on fire, Rachel’s constant smile and encouragement got me through.

Catch Rachel at Exhale in Bridgehampton daily or Lululemon in East Hampton for weekly Core Fusion Yoga.

One Healthy Breakdown: Work it out, stretch it out. And don’t forget to exhale!


Love Me Some Lulu!

I spent my weekend with my new best friend, Lulu (Lululemon Easthampton that is.)  From spin with Lulu’s Jess on Friday, abs with Z in the Lulu studio Saturday morning, and wrapping up the weekend with a Lululemon “Half-Mala” (54 Sun Salutations) at Groundworks at Hren’s, lead by four of the top local yogis.  What a Lulutastic weekend and the Lulugoodness doesn’t stop here.


What am I talking about?  Lululemon’s store in Easthampton has a fab team of employees who plan weekly community events revolving around fitness and fun, check ’em out!  Lulu EH is not just a store with premium fitness clothing, it really is a community, a team, and a way of life.

Those manifestos we all know and love printed all over Lululemon’s bags are truly embraced by the amazing EH team (ie: sweat once a day!).  With such an amazing health & fitness community here in the Hamptons – ever growing, learning, and expanding – I’m learning something new every single day!  Lulu EH is central to this network, sharing a deep and personal connection with local yogis, trainers, runners, paddle boarders, boot campers, surfers, riders, cyclists, tennis champs, and more.  Heck, you can spend days lingering around here…and that I did.

I kicked off my Lulu weekend with Z’s ab class, a 30-minute ab blast that Z herself described as bad ass…I concur.  We didn’t mess around, completing three circuits of ab exercises, using nothing but the body’s resistance, and feelin’ that burn baby burn.

Sunday morning was super special, I participated in Lululemon’s Earth Day Half-Mala event at Groundoworks garden in Easthampton.  Upon arriving to the grassy lawn surrounded by beauty, yoga mats, and Scuba hoodies, I knew it was going to be a great morning.  Four awesome local yogis lead us in 54 (yes, f i f t y f o u r) Sun Salutations.  The warm sun and casual breeze couldn’t have been more perfect, each salutation gave reason to worship the day, the sun, the spring, the heavenly setting, each others positive energy, and of course, those Lulus who put the whole thing together.



You’re missing out if you don’t check out Lulu’s next free community event.  I’ll be there for sure. Just gotta warn ya: although the classes are free, it’s harder to walk out of that store without shopping than it is to hold a plank!  When in Rome…

One Healthy Breakdown: From abs to sun salutations and everything in between, Lulu is down for anything and everything fitspirational, which is why I loooove me some Lulu.