Philosofit Movement Training

PhilosoFit Movement Training, at 15 Lumber Lane, East Hampton, specializes in developing a solid base from which to move from. Specialists work one-on-one with clients of all ages and abilities to overcome and prevent injury and maximize physical potential. PhilosoFit was founded in 2013 by Ari Weller, Movement Specialist and distinguished private fitness trainer who’s work has been influenced by methodologies such as: Gyrotonic, Pilates, Ki-Hara Stretch, Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), Functional Movement Screen (FMS), Martial Arts, Meditation, Qigong and more.

PhilosoFit is distinguished by a simple and intelligent philosophy: quality is always more superior to quantity. Movement specialists at PhilosoFit are carefully trained to evaluate, identify and document movement function, limitations and imbalances. Then they systematically develop safe, customized training programs to help each client re-establish authentic, pain-free movement patterns while simultaneously developing a high-level of whole body fitness.


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