Homemade Larabars

I’m always on the hunt for on-the-go bars. Not only should they taste delicious, but the perfect bar must be made of real, whole foods. Larabar gets an A in my book because of their minimal ingredients – real, whole food that we’re all familiar with…which also means that they’re pretty easy to recreate, customize, […]

Back to School Workout

As we all adjust to our fall routines and our packed schedules, it can be easy to let the workouts slip. Don’t! Exercising regularly is not only good for your health, it will give you more energy to embrace life as a busy bee! Here’s an at-home workout you can even fit in first thing […]

I’m Coming Home…#weddingvenueshopping

Whew! Touring wedding venues is EXHAUSTING! Super fun, special, and exhausting! Over the past week, my mom and I checked out seven wedding venues in The Hamptons and Boston (where I’m from.) It’s been an exciting few days for sure and I think I’m ready to return to my normal routine back in The Hamps. […]

Take The Work Out of Workout

Do what you love and love what you do. Living your healthiest life is pretty easy when you love it. It’s not about depriving, it’s about embracing the things you love. Love to hike outdoors with the dog or the fam, but hate spin class more than life itself? Then hike, hike away! Do more […]

Q & A w Z: 30 Minute Workout

Our very first “Q & A w Z!” as in Zivile Ngo, well-known local fitness instructor, competitive athlete, and one super-sweet, bad-ass chick.  Every week, Z will be answering YOUR fitness questions.  To submit a question, simply email kiley@onehealthyhamptons.com or post on your “Q for Z” our facebook page.  Z will be fielding questions and […]

10 Things Motherhood Has Taught Me

There’s nothing like it in the world; motherhood is amazing, eye-opening, challenging, and completely transformational. Here are a few of the many life lessons I’ve learned over the past six months since becoming a mom to this little baby girl. 1.  Moms are BADASS. Besides the whole carrying a baby (which may or may not […]

One Healthy Young Entrepreneur

Introducing the dynamic sibling duo behind Fair Harbor Clothing, Caroline and Jake Danehy. Inspired by the beaches of Fire Island, these two created their line of boardshorts out of none other but recycled plastic bottles. Inspired by their favorite local beaches, (and the greater good of our planet) these two are recycling wellness in a […]

Wellness Week Wrap Up

This past weekend, we wrapped up Hamptons Wellness Week with wellness, workouts, and warriors by the water. It was an amazing way to end a wonderful week of wellness thanks to the participants, businesses, and brands that showed up in the name of wellness and well-being! We kicked off the day with a kick-ass Core […]