Yoga in the Vines is Absolutely Divine

What’s better than getting into your first downward dog and feeling instantly better from the inside out? The mind and body connect, time starts to slow, and the focus shifts to the simplicity of the breath. That to-do list takes a back seat, negative thoughts seep away, and the chaos of the outside world dissipates. The body lightens, the heart opens, and gratitude takes over. When I experience this feeling at the beginning of my yoga practice, I know that I’m right where I need to be.

I’ll tell you what’s better than hitting the mat for yoga practice: having that very experience in the middle of a vineyard underneath the warm summer sun. Yoga in the Vines at the Wolffer Estate Vineyard commenced this past May and lucky for us, it’s a huge gift to our community. In a time and place where people are always trying to get from one Hamptons hot spot to the next, (of which Wolffer is one of those spots, of course) Yoga in the Vines offers a sanctuary, an escape from it all…in the middle of it all. The miles of greenery and scenery take yoga to a whole new level.

IMG_4767Yoga in the Vines allows us to experience all of the above mentioned goodness and gratitude in the middle of one of Mother Nature’s finest creations. Outside of the typical yoga studio, there’s no clock to watch and no ceiling to reach for. Just kick off your shoes, lay your mat on the grass, and you’re good to go. The yoga itself is no joke either, so be ready for that yoga stretch we all know and love.

I asked Erica (who works in Wolffer’s event department and recently got her yoga teacher certification in order to enact Yoga in the Vines) what made it happen? Her answer: “a dream & determination. My passion for the outdoors, yoga, and our community inspired me to start this new Yoga in the Vines program. It has been a dream to grow all three passions together and share this experience with our community in such a beautiful vineyard. I am so thankful to work at Wölffer Estate Vineyard and to have the support and encouragement from the Wölffer Team behind this program. Each class, teacher and student brings new and exciting energy to the winery and I look forward to the program’s future.”

10264297_673312989385258_5905117691776560397_nAmen to that, Erica! As we share these values for community, yoga, and the great outdoors, One Healthy Hamptons is thrilled to support and partake in this new venture in the vines! These classes really do bring about a one-of-a-kind energy. There’s just nothing else in the world like a sun salutation under the sunset, warrior pose among the dynamic wildlife, or a down dog with the view of endless vines amongst the blue sky. Even on cloudy or rainy days, class takes place under cover next to the pond and the Wolffer Estate backyard, equally as much of an oasis when the sun is hiding.

Each instructor brings with them their own twist and style. Although the setting itself brings enough pleasure, the yoga teachers happen to be nothing less than fantastic. Wolffer has hand-picked a group of instructors who all share an immense talent and appreciation for bringing the community together in the great outdoors. From Flow to Sunset Salutations, the mood is casual and the goal is sheer enjoyment. Class is outside, with just our yoga mats, the green grass, and each other. Being playful as we practice, allowing room for laughter, smiles, and outspoken gratitude are all not only accepted, but encouraged.

As if we weren’t spoiled enough with the wide variety of wonderful yoga studios around the Hamptons, Wolffer has upped the anti with Yoga in the Vines. Try a class for yourself during Hamptons Wellness Week this July!

One Healthy Breakdown:  If you think “Summer in a Bottle” is Wolffer’s highlight of the summer, you’ve got to try Yoga in the Vines!

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