How to Make Taxes Fun

Two businessmen jumping and celebrating on the beachOk, so the only bad thing about the spring season (other than this RIDICULOUS winter weather – have I mentioned I hate the cold?!) is that it happens to commence with tax season. Thankfully, here are some ideas on how to make taxes fun (ok, that’s an exaggeration.)

How to make doing taxes suck less:

1. Listen to fun music.

2. Have a fun snack.

3. Make a fun drink.

4. Commiserate with a fun friend.

5. Start your taxes before April 14th.

6. Break up the work.

7. Take fun breaks.

8. Reward yourself with something fun when all of the fun’s over.

9. Don’t be afraid to wear your suit to the beach.

10. Appreciate the fact that taxes usually means we have a job…and jobs are good.

One Healthy Breakdown: don’t have toooo much fun this tax season!

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