Friday Faves!


  • Healthy cookie dough. I dig it. Often.
  • Bobby Van’s Broccoli Puree soup (make your own: puree steamed broc. w/ veggie stock.)
  • This honest post from Chocolate Covered Katie about giving up running and her message about exercise – do something you love and not something you don’t.
  • Being thankful every day.
  • Holiday candles. More of an obsession than a fave…I may have went overboard.

photo 3

  • Hot yoga at POE. It’s the BEST, full review coming soon!
  • Red wine on a cold night. (Or any night.)
  • New mugs
  • New friends

photo 4Meet “Benny”

  • The Holidays and everything they entail.
  • Having tons of Halloween candy in the house and not wanting it a bit. I’d much rather indulge in something delicious and nutritious, like this.
  • This girl, Jenna Raynell, and her goal-coaching ability.

photo 1Did you know that your dreams could change the world? Well, it’s true.

photo 2That’s broccoli cheddar quiche made from veggies and nuts. Amazing, I tell ya.

  • Thick, warm, cozy socks.
  • TRX and how it gets muscles you never knew existed (ow.)
  • Last but not least, a great theme for the weekend from Greatist:

1426357_544410778971803_1794208239_nOne Healthy Breakdown: a few of my favorite things, including Fridays!

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