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This week’s One Healthy Guest is someone I know pretty well, my fiancé, Nick! Learn how Nick balances life as a developer, One Healthy Hamptons insider, and of course, the luckiest man in the world…

91. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did ‘life as you know it’ come to be?

I moved a lot when I was a kid, which meant I got to experience a lot and meet a lot of people, but it wasn’t until settling in the Hamptons that I truly felt at home. Although people come and go, this place is a constant for me. After college, I passed up a good opportunity at a finance firm in Manhattan to work at a small development company out here. My fear was falling into a career that years down the road, would just be a job, not a life. I started at the bottom and worked my way up, learning everyday. I was involved in every aspect of the job. It didn’t take me long to realize that this is my passion. I truly wake up everyday and love going to work, it’s not just a job, it’s my life. I now have more knowledge and confidence in my own designs and skills, but the learning never stops. I’m not sure if my love for real estate was always within me or if it developed with experience, but I know that now it is my true passion.

97 gloverWhen I met my fiancé, Kiley, (you may know her) my focus shifted from friends and fun to building a career and a future. Real life. Our relationship gave me a sense of foundation to really go for it. In 2011, I started the company DeMarco Development (site coming soon!) Kiley and I support each other daily in our own goals. We’re each building our own businesses while building a life together. Now, we live in a farmhouse in Sag Harbor village, close to the village and the ocean. We’re lucky.

2. What’s something you overcame and how?

Moving around a lot as a child was a challenge. It was sometimes a struggle to settle in and get to know new people. I tried to be tough and suck it up. Starting a new life in a new place was always hard, but because of sports and school, I met friends fast and it always worked out. The Hamptons is my home. It’s quiet sometimes, which is great for getting work done and relaxing, but the summer brings fast-paced fun and excitement. It’s the best of both worlds.

3. What is your favorite workout? Favorite weekend activity?

I lift weights most days. Weight lifting at the gym and playing sports, like ice hockey and golf, are my favorite ways to stay active.

As for the weekend, I like to catch up and get a lot of work done on Saturday mornings to plan my week ahead. During the summer, my favorites are golfing, family barbecues, and going to Montauk with friends. I love the relaxed beach-town attitude in Montauk.

47863_553311577123_817022_nAs for the winter, I like to go out for a nice quiet dinner. I love watching football on Sundays, just relaxing on the couch with no agenda.

4. As a young man, developer, fiance, business owner, and a member of the Hamptons community, how do you maintain balance in your life?

Time management is really important. I’m organized (super neat, I put Kiley to shame) and prioritize work and family on top of all else. I like to think that I balance a healthy lifestyle. Going to the gym is crucial for me to release energy, stay in shape, and feel my best. I have to keep up on the job sites, so staying fit is important. I have gotten into such a habit of going to the gym after work that I feel ‘off’ when I don’t go, it’s just a part of my day and I always make time for it. Eating is something I’ve become much more aware of over the past few years. I know I’ll feel better after eating chicken and vegetables than I will after three slices of pizza.

5. Any great healthy/balance tips for other busy men?

When it comes to work, work as hard as possible and then work harder. Same for fun and relaxing. I am pretty strict about my routine during the week, but I definitely let myself relax and indulge on the weekends. Decompressing makes it possible to get up Monday morning and work twice as hard. Also, small changes are better than nothing. I’ve made small, doable, shifts, like choosing Ezekial bread for sandwiches, Greek yogurt, fresh fruit for snacks, and much less frequent fast food. Kiley kind of put a damper on me enjoying fast food, but it’s obviously for the better.

6. What food items do you always keep in your house?

Peanut butter and jelly, Ezekiel bread, hummus, eggs, apples, and Chocolate Haagan Daaz (with chocolate sprinkles.) One Healthy Hamptons pretty much takes over the kitchen, but I’m allowed a little space in the cabinets and the fridge for the above.

7. What is your favorite indulgence?

My favorite food in the world has always been an everything bagel with cream cheese. Other indulgences are watching football on Sundays and Raisinettes at the movie theater.

8. How do you make health a priority in your home?

I live with One Healthy Hamptons, so I don’t have a choice.

9. What is your FAVORITE thing about living in the Hamptons?

I love the non-stop action: the real estate market, summer excitement, and Christmas-time fun.

One Healthy Breakdown: A good balance, time management, organization, and some fun make for success.

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