Take The Work Out of Workout

Do what you love and love what you do. Living your healthiest life is pretty easy when you love it. It’s not about depriving, it’s about embracing the things you love. Love to hike outdoors with the dog or the fam, but hate spin class more than life itself? Then hike, hike away! Do more things you love and less things you don’t. Fitness that doesn’t feel like fitness is still fitness, but it’s also healthy for the mind, not just the body. An active hobby that you love to do can take the “work” out of workout. This is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.  Do something you do with the simple goal of enjoying yourself.

For me, I like to take walks down to the harbor and around town. Walking Sag Harbor is my non-fitness fitness activity and it never ever gets old. I love working out and I love running outside. Usually though, if I plan a workout, I see it as part of my routine, something I have to fit in my schedule and then make the most of by really pushing myself.  If I take a class, I know I’m dedicating an hour. If I go for a run, I’ll have a distance in mind, a goal for the day.


These walks though, they’re different. Rules just don’t apply. There’s no pushing, no time requirements, no agenda, no deadlines. I just walk. I walk to be outside and to remind myself of what’s important. Even when it was freezing cold out, conditions I probably wouldn’t have run in, I got all bundled up and just started walking. I know I can always stop if I want, but I usually end up going and going…and going.

It’s beautiful around here and I always feel lucky to live in such a place. I let go of my thoughts and I take in my surroundings. Pretty instantly, I’m overcome with this feeling of appreciation. I always feel renewed and centered after walking around town. My to-do list gets put on hold and my priorities reset.  Not on purpose, it just happens. Anytime of day, the result is always the same.

One Healthy Breakdown: Do something you absolutely love and do it often.  Be selfish, make it your priority, and love every second of it. Take a walk and leave life at home.

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