Q & A w Z: 30 Minute Workout

Our very first “Q & A w Z!” as in Zivile Ngo, well-known local fitness instructor, competitive athlete, and one super-sweet, bad-ass chick.  Every week, Z will be answering YOUR fitness questions.  To submit a question, simply email kiley@onehealthyhamptons.com or post on your “Q for Z” our facebook page.  Z will be fielding questions and providing her expertise…you’ll see below she knows a lot about a lot!


First, Z tells us a little bit about herself:

“I’m a self-starter. I came to this country six years ago from Lithuania. Leaving everything behind (homeland, family, friends) was not easy. It was quite difficult to find myself when I was thrown into a new environment. I was lost. Thankfully, I found the gym. It was the place where I found peace of mind, it was my therapy, and slowly but surely, it became my passion. In addition to my Master’s degree in finance, my true passion was dancing, which is quite far from the financial and business world. I was a dancer for many years and once I moved to the U.S., the gym became another dance floor for me. However, I felt like I needed to improve. I needed a challenge. I then got certified with Les Mills International and started teaching group fitness classes at Hamptons Gym Corp. I was still “hungry”, I wanted more. I became a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, which allowed me to work one-on-one, design workout and nutrition programs, and make my clients stronger, healthier, and happier. This is my dream job. I love every aspect of it and I want to be better and better at it everyday. I also compete as a Figure athlete. I’ve been doing it for a couple years now, and it’s been an incredible journey, very challenging yet very rewarding, since I’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about nutrition, training, rest, balance, etc.  You can also come and hang out with me at B East studio in Amagansett where I teach TRX classes, or Lululemon in East Hampton, where I do complimentary classes. Fitness is a part of my life, fitness is a part of me, it’s my passion, and my respect for it will never die.”

That’s Z…And now for the Q and the A:

Q & A w Z

Q:  If I only have 30 minutes a day, what kind of workout do you recommend?

A: 30 minutes is enough time to stimulate the muscles if you pick the right exercise, the right workload, and the right timing. I would go with compound movements like squats, dead-lifts, rows, or presses to maximize effects because they engage more than one muscle group at a time. Everyone is different, so our workouts will be different. Each and every person is going to have unique goals, abilities, and personal preferences. Whether you choose to spend your 30 minutes doing yoga, strength training, cardio, or whatever it may be, in order to do what you do effectively, you must have a concrete plan and stick to it. In order to maximize the time, you must plan every move, don’t just do what sporadically pops into your head. Plan your workouts and write them down, so that when you step into the gym, or wherever you exercise, you know what you’re doing, how many sets, how many reps, at what pace, and for how long. Stick with your program and master it. Track your progress. If you’re unsure what’s right for you, it may make sense to consult a professional or hire a trainer for one session to create a program custom to you. Your program should challenge you, but not push you too far. It needs to be safe for your body and should be something you enjoy so you’re more likely to stick with it. If you plan ahead of time and stick to the plan, 30 minutes a day is enough time to produce results and get closer to your goals.

One Healthy Breakdown: great advice – whatever you do, make the most of it!  If you have a question for Z email kiley@onehealthyhamptons.com or post on the OHH facebook page!

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