Saturday, September 13, 2014

Smoothie Bowl Magic | By Kiley

A blend of all your favorites, packed with nutrients, cold and refreshing, great on-the-go…can’t imagine life without smoothies! What’s better than a smoothie?! A smoothie in a bowl! A smoothie bowl! It’s a magical thing. Don’t kiss summer goodbye without giving a smoothie bowl a try! photo 3How to make your own smoothie bowl:

The only rule to a smoothie bowl is that there are no rules to a smoothie bowl. The possibilities are endless. The bowl is your canvas. Get creative. Be colorful. Have fun. Customize your crunchiness. Keep nutrition in mind and enjoy! Be sure to include protein, veggies, carbs/fruit, and a healthy fat for a balanced meal. I suggest 1-2 parts leafy greens, 1-2 parts protein, (especially post-workout or breakfast fuel) 1 part fruit/carb, and 1 part healthy fat. Here are some ideas:

  • Spinach/greens (frozen or fresh)
  • Fresh fruit (frozen banana makes a great smoothie base)
  • High quality protein powder of choice
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Coconut shreds
  • Yogurt of choice
  • Oats
  • Rice puffs
  • Avocado
  • Honey, maple syrup, dates, or stevia to sweeten
  • Nut butter
  • Cacao nibs
  • Berries
  • Maca powder
  • Citrus
  • Spirulina
  • Healthy cereal/granola (read ingredients and watch sugar!)
  • Spices (cinnamon, fresh ginger, fresh mint, etc.)
  • Ice
  • Liquid (water, almond milk, coconut water, etc.)

photo 2It’s as easy as blending your ingredients like a smoothie, pouring the blend in a bowl, and topping with your favorite creations! Get your spoon and enjoy your big bowl of magic!

One Healthy Breakdown: it’s a meal and an arts-and-crafts project in one, have fun!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Top 5 Fitness Myths Busted! | By Zivile Ngo

Zivile Ngo Healthy Lifestyle Coach brings us the 5 most common fitness myths…don’t fall for ‘em anymore!

People Exercising at a GymnasiumMyth #1: Diet pills to boost your effort.

It’s so tempting! The commercials make compelling claims about the power of diet pills, but don’t fall for it. The ‘magic pill’ has yet to be discovered. Actually, it has been discovered…it’s called exercise. Diet pills are more likely to damage your health and burn your pocketbook than to slim you down.

Tip: Don’t pop pills! Burn calories with exercise for healthy, long-lasting success.

Myth #2: Starve the pounds away.

Attempting to lose weight by severely limiting calories is not only ineffective, it’s also dangerous. Although it may seem that calorie restriction delivers the fastest weight loss, due to our bodies’ complexities, by doing so, we disrupt our metabolism and slow results.

Tip: Don’t starve yourself! Instead, eat healthy, balanced meals throughout the day.

Myth #3: Crunches are the way to flatter abs.

We all want our midsection to look toned, but excessive crunches aren’t the answer for tight abs. In order to achieve a lean look, focus on burning off the layer of fat that is covering up your abs. We all have muscles under there somewhere. Fat burn results from exercise and diet, not from your ab roller or hundreds of crunches.

Tip: Don’t obsess about crunches! Instead, focus on overall fat burn.

Myth #4: Packaged diet foods are the easiest way to speedy results.

It’s amazing (and unfortunate) to see all of the many ‘diet’ or ‘weight loss’ packaged foods. More often than not, these products are packed with sodium, refined sugar, and other artificial ingredients that your body doesn’t need. Ditch the packages and focus on feeding your body with real foods like raw and cooked vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, moderate amounts of seeds and nuts, lean meats, and low-fat dairy. Clean eating really is that simple.

Tip: Don’t eat packaged diet foods! Instead, stick with nutritious, whole foods.

Myth #5: Avoid all carbohydrates in order to slim down.

Carbohydrates have been given a bad rap, which is unfortunate because you can (and should) eat carbs while losing weight. Carbs give us energy and help our muscles recover post-workout. The key is avoiding processed and refined flours and sugars.

Tip: Don’t swear off all carbohydrates! instead, stick with whole grains, oatmeal, and brown rice.

One Healthy Breakdown: it’s no mystery. Hard work and healthy eating wins every time!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Faves! | By Kiley


  • Pumpkin spice coffee everything

photo 2

  • Counting down the days


  • Early morning September skies

photo 4

  • Tigernuts (yup, they’re a thing and they’re delicious)
  • Pure Barre’s September special ($150 for an unlimited month throughout Sept!)

Pure Barre*photo cred: Pure Barre Media

  • The magic of a smoothie in a bowlphoto 5
  • Beach play dates

photo 3

  • Grapes on grapes

photo 1

photo 1

One Healthy Breakdown: a few of my favorite things, including Fridays!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Meet Me at the Barre this September! | By Kiley

PureBarreIf you haven’t tried a barre class yet, NOW is the time and Pure Barre Southampton is the place to lift, tone, and burn! This month, Pure Barre is offering Hamptonites the best deal yet! Windmill Lane welcomed the year-round Pure Barre studio this past June and it’s already an OHH favorite and a staple in the Hamptons fitness scene!

photo(191)Offering at least three classes a day, seven days a week, twelve months a year, this barre studio is here to stay. Conveniently located in Southampton village, Kaitlin, Leslie, and Patti, excitedly opened the studio to fill a void in fitness out East by bringing their favorite workout to their favorite place, all year round! Like-minded locals can appreciate their welcoming approach, reliable schedule, fun atmosphere, convenient location, and dependable full-body workout delivered at every class.

Pure Barre is the perfect mix of strength and stretch, fun and vigor. Unlike some other hot group-fitness classes sweeping the nation today, Pure Barre focuses on precise movements to strengthen muscles and the mind-body connection simultaneously. The low-impact moves can really be done anywhere, but the sequence of the Pure Barre method ensures a heightened sense of awareness and appreciation for this important connection. Concentrating on nothing but these movements allows guests to block out the chaos of life outside the door, creating a tranquil energy throughout the studio. The 55-minute workout targets all of those trouble zones head to toe, building long, lean muscles. While the technique is the same, the music, sequence, and choreography prohibit boredom and plateau.


*photo credit Pure Barre media

The Southampton Pure Barre studio and great team of instructors are incredibly welcoming, so newbies should feel at ease and excited to tuck it out. There’s no better time than the present as the Southampton Pure Barre studio is offering a month of unlimited classes for the amazing price of $150 for both new and existing clients! Get ready to shake, tuck, sculpt, lift, tone, and burn every muscle group throughout September at this unbeatable rate! Come one, come all, meet me at the barre!

Visit Pure Barre at 5 Windmill Lane, Southampton, soon to purchase your unlimited monthly pass and stay tuned for events and promotions all year long. Check out Pure Barre Southampton on Facebook and instagram @purebarresouthampton!

One Healthy Breakdown: Meet me at the barre to LTB this fall!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hey YOU! Want to be on OHH?! | By Kiley

What makes One Healthy Hamptons live on? YOU do! The best part of OHH is the community, engagement, sharing, doing, trying, and inspiring one another! If you’d like to share an article, story, recipe, tip, Hamptons happening, or any other healthy, happy stuff, please do! Email over the next few weeks with your content/idea! OHH will be “off the grid” for Kiley’s wedding and honeymoon (!!!!) this coming fall, but would love to share your healthy goodness! Thanks in advance!

photo 1One Healthy Breakdown: hop on board the OHH train today!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Healthy Communication | By Kiley

Communication is a skill we use every single day. Preparing for my upcoming wedding and attending Precana this past weekend has me thinking a lot about communication, arguably the number one most important factor in a relationship. To me, healthy communication is the ability to clearly express how we feel. While it sounds so easy, when emotions and different opinions are added into the mix, effective communication becomes quite challenging. I know I’ve gotten pretty darn good at the silent treatment, but it really doesn’t get me anywhere near a resolution…so, I’m committing to be less silent and more communicative. Who’s with me?!

Couple Holding Hands With the new season starting, it’s the perfect time to identify some personal goals and things to work on; communication is a great place to start. Whether you’ve been married for 50 years, you’re in a new relationship, or you just want to get along better with friends and family, communication is something we can all strengthen. Here are some tips on healthy communication and constructive arguments (adapted from A Decision to Love by John and Susan Midgley.)

1. Focus on you. We can’t change others, we can only change ourselves. Instead of “you always/never do this,” use “I wish you would/wouldn’t ___ because it makes me feel ____.

2. Focus on your feelings instead of what others are doing wrong. Feelings aren’t debatable, we all feel how we feel and have the right to express them. Understand that arguing should be an opportunity to share and validate your feelings, not to prove right vs. wrong.

3. Deep breaths. Take a breath and a moment to collect yourself in order to remain calm. As soon as we lose our cool and get heated, that’s when things turn for the worst and communication becomes unhealthy and ineffective.

4. Take turns. Instead of a screaming match where nothing is heard because you’re both going at it at once, allow each other to finish the thought and then respond. It’s much cleaner that way.

5. Maintain eye contact throughout the conversation. This will keep your attention and show respect. Looking at the person will also help to remind you that you’re upset about the disagreement, but that your feelings for the other person have not changed.

6. Keep it simple and focused. Argue about what you’re arguing about instead of bringing up past issues or other topics. Being direct can solve the problem at hand instead of leading into a blow-out fight where neither participant even knows why you’re fighting.

7. Remain respectful. Don’t bring up sensitive spots that don’t even relate just to knock the other person down. An argument can only be healthy when there’s a level of mutual respect. Cheap shots don’t get anyone anywhere.

8. Last but definitely not least: LISTEN. Yes, share your part, but really listen to what the other person has to say. They may just tell you something you didn’t know or change your perspective on the issue at hand. If nothing else, they deserve your attention when expressing their feelings and vice versa. Learning occurs through listening.

One Healthy Breakdown: Arguing is healthy, normal, and inevitable. We all do it. But is it constructive or destructive? Healthy or unhealthy?